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The most talked about Senate race in years came to an end on Tuesday, December 12th, when the people of Alabama elected Doug Jones to the United States Senate. Jones is the first Democrat elected to the Senate in Alabama since 1992, when Richard Shelby, then a Democrat who has since switched parties, was elected. Jones took about 49.5% of the vote to Moore’s 48.8% as of the writing of this article with 98% reporting.

The race was close all night, with pollsters wavering on who they predicted would win.  The race was first called by the Associated Press just before 10:30PM ET, just two and a half hours after the polls closed in Alabama.  

They announced the results in the following tweet:

Roy Moore was the anticipated winner after he won the Republican Primary, beating out Luther Strange, who was supported by President Trump. Moore was supported by anti-establishment characters like Steve Bannon. In early November, just about a month before the general election, allegations came to light from at least three women that Roy Moore had inappropriate sexual contact with them when they were merely teenagers of 14-17. These allegations led to many in the GOP calling for Roy Moore to step back from the race, others to support not seating him should he win, and more. By the week of the election, President Trump had resumed supporting him, tweeting:

When the results shook out, Doug Jones was declared the next senator from Alabama. He will join Richard Shelby in the Senate. Richard Shelby encouraged voters to write-in a Republican.  Doug Jones was born in Fairfield, Alabama, attended the University of Alabama and Cumberland Law School, and went on to become a US Attorney for the state. He was a large and instrumental in many civil rights cases in Alabama.

In his first speech after the race was called, Doug Jones talked about how he knew December 12th would be a good day for him, because it is his wedding anniversary with his wife Louise. 2017 is their 25th wedding anniversary. He also said “We have shown the country the way that we can be unified.” Though he is a Democrat, he represents a historically red state. He must work with and for his constituents in the future.

Aryssa D
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