Kamala Harris, a 2020 Democrat candidate for President, recently stated that we need to ban Right-to-Work laws. Right-to-Work laws, by definition, prohibit the requirement of membership of unions by employees. By banning these laws, employees would be forced to join and pay dues to unions regardless of whether or not they want to. This is just another way for Democrats to continue to put control in the government’s hands, even if it is not best for the workers as a whole. Here is why we need to continue to allow, and push for, right to work laws to be preserved and further implemented in states across the country:

Right-to-Work lets the workers choose.

There is no reason that the government should be able to tell workers that they are required to join and pay dues to a union against their will. Workers should have the right to choose what is best for them, especially when they feel that the union does not benefit them.

Accountability will increase with choice.

When union membership is a requirement, there is no accountability check. Workers are not able to negotiate on their own with their membership in unions. When there is no accountability check of how the unions are negotiating for and representing their workers, they are able to essentially control their workers and in a sense, monopolize.

Unions don’t represent all workers.

Large amounts of the dues that are collected by unions are donated to candidates and politicians. The members of the unions don’t necessarily have a say in where their dues are being donated. This can result in money being given to candidates that do not represent the workers that are paying them. When membership, resulting in dues, are required, the workers are ultimately being forced to fund donations to candidates that they do not personally support.


It is essential to workers’ rights and freedoms that we continue to advocate for Right-to-Work laws. The idea of banning these worker-supporting laws is just another example of how Democrats are not as “pro-choice” as they claim to be. Do not let the word twisting politicians fool you, this idea is as anti-worker and pro-big government as it gets.

Karly H