In the age of social media, personal brands, and extreme competitiveness, the idea of making a name for yourself has started to overcome common goals that should be present in a political movement. More often than not, we see millennials ostracizing individuals within their own movement simply because they don’t agree on a particular policy or issue. People can’t dare accept someone who thinks a little differently than them, as it would ruin their political reputation. The beauty of politics is that even though everyone within the same movement may not agree on every issue, those individuals are able to come together, work to compromise, and achieve a goal that is larger than any single person or issue.

Take the Founding Fathers for example. Debate and disagreement is what has driven the political environment for decades now. The Constitution that conservatives revere and we as Americans strive to uphold on a day to day basis was, in fact, created out of debate. Through this debate, though, the Founding Fathers worked together to create a nation and a body of law that would be upheld for centuries to come. The Great Compromise was born. They didn’t let the disagreement impede the greater goal. Ultimately, that’s what led to their success.

Time and time again, young politicos, whether attempting to or not, alienate people who should be colleagues, allies, and friends, simply because they choose to invest their time and their activism in a different organization, a different policy area, or a different form of activism. The beauty of political activism is that it doesn’t all have to look the same. Different causes call for different forms of activism and a good portion of the time, activists tend to have different passions for different policy areas. It’s time that we as students, conservatives, and activists stop creating a divisive hostile environment without our own movement.

Here’s a newsflash: to survive the liberal rampages that have come out of political events this past year, conservatives are going to have to stick together. Simply because one individual focuses more on education than the environment does not mean she doesn’t care about the climate or Earth. Simply because one individual chooses to invest his time in pro Second Amendment advocacy does not mean that he wouldn’t advocate for the pro-life movement. The key to being a successful political movement is being able to bring every individual and the topic he or she is passionate about to the table and creating a common goal that is greater than any one of those individuals. No one person can make up the entire conservative movement. We should stop treating each other as such.

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As conservatives, we champion being diverse and inclusive, yet we choose to outcast individuals simply because their conservatism looks different than ours. If someone truly has conservative beliefs – truly believes in limited government, free markets, and traditional American values – who are we to judge what they invest their time in or how they advance the movement? Casting out fellow conservatives is no way to win an election. In fact, it’s certainly no way to preserve the posterity of the movement.

Emily W
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