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It seemed as if the minute Donald Trump was announced as our nation’s newest President-elect, women across the country immediately felt that it was a loss. While women’s rights and issues of equality do matter, a majority of conservatives feel that there are more pressing issues that need to be dealt with.

Issues such as the ever-growing national deficit, our national security, and health care reform have a much bigger weight on our country at this point in time than the issue of the elusive “women’s issues” After all, as American women, can we really believe that we are being oppressed while having the ability to vote, drive, file for divorce, and run for public office?

Many seemed to view Hillary Clinton as an iconic women’s rights figure throughout the election, but for what reasons? Was it her ability to play the woman-card like no other? Or is it the way she’s able to pile lie, on top of lie, on top of lie and get away with it? Either way, there are many women that might be a better first female president than Hillary. There is no doubt that a woman is fully capable and will be the president of our land in the future.  As for Donald Trump, he has expressed that he will take the appropriate measures to do what is best for the country– whether that includes defunding Planned Parenthood and overturning Roe v. Wade or not.

No matter the actions that Trump decides to take as the 45th President of the United States, nothing about him, his campaign, or his administration will be as big a loss as feminism is making it out to be and here’s why:

Donald Trump was able to stop Hillary Clinton, a corrupt politician and quite possibly a criminal, from getting into office. By doing so, he has already taken a step forward in the world of women’s rights and reserved the title of first female President of the United States for a woman that is truly deserving.

Kellyanne Conway, the campaign manager for the Trump campaign, is the FIRST woman to manage a successful presidency campaign. This is a tremendous accomplishment carried out by such a remarkable woman.  Because a large majority of feminists identify as liberal rather than conservative, Conway’s accomplishments have gone under the radar. Her achievements as a woman should, and will, go down in history for women everywhere.

Above all, Donald Trump is a son, husband, and father. People are making him out to be some sort of cruel, heartless monster before he’s even been inaugurated.  We owe it to America to give him a chance. In reality, he is just human like the rest of us. He shares political views with a vast majority of voters, as was displayed Tuesday night.  He has a great family.  I truly believe he wants what is best for this country. Donald Trump is truly is ready to Make America Great Again… for all Americans and despite what the left will say, that includes women too.

Katie R.
Katie is a studying Criminal Justice and Political Science at the University of Nevada, Reno. She loves baseball, dogs, the Dallas Cowboys, Jesus, and the USA.

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