One of the biggest issues in this upcoming election has become the Supreme Court. Since the passing of Justice Scalia, both sides have realized how huge this appointment will be as the court now sits at a majority of 4-4 decisions. Donald Trump released a list of 11 names that he may be considering for the position. These names range from Justices on State Supreme courts and Justices on different Circuit Courts of Appeals. Republicans have always had more trouble choosing Court nominees than Democrats because it is “easier” to become more liberal than it is to become more conservative. Groups like Judical Watch and Heritage say that for someone to be a good Conservative appointment they need to have been tested and stood their ground over a tough issue, not crumbled to the pressure of others. Out of the 11 names there were some that really stuck out to me as being wonderful choices to appoint to the Supreme Court.

1) Judge William Pryor of Alabama. Justice Pryor’s nomination by President George W. Bush to a federal appeals court was the start of a two-year partisan battle. Yes the Democrats fought for two years over his confirmation. The Democrats argued he was hostile to reproductive freedom aka he held the radical notion that even the unborn have the right to life. They felt that his view of  the Roe v. Wade ruling as the “worst abomination” of constitutional law in the nation’s history…. I’d say he’s been pretty tested over time.

2) Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett, who personally is one of my favorites….. I mean have you seen his Twitter? Justice Willet was a surprise to be on Trumps list as he has been very outspoken about his feelings about the presumptive Republican nominee. Just scroll through his twitter for a moment and you’ll understand. Other than always being there for a good laugh Justice Willett started his career as Deputy Texas Attorney General, serving as chief legal adviser to Attorney General Greg Abbott, now Governor Abbott. He’s probably most famous for numerous cutting-edge civil and criminal justice initiatives including but not limited to the PROTECT Act of 2003 to protect children from abduction and exploitation.

3) Third Circuit Court Judge Thomas Hardiman would in my opinion be a great choice as he is on record for standing up for an issue that has been getting a lot of recent attention, our right to bear arms. Hardiman believes that states, and in that case the Government, cannot restrict the ability to carry handguns in public. As Hardiman puts it, “the Second Amendment extends beyond the home and “protects an inherent right to self-defense.” While Hillary is out campaigning on re-assessing the Heller v. DC decision is would be great to have someone who has proven that they will stand up for our 2nd Amendment rights.

4) Judge Raymond Gruender, whom George W. Bush appointed to the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is a staunch supporter of the right that every human has to life. In South Dakota he voted to uphold a informed consent law. What this means is that every doctor MUST read off certain statements including but not limited to, “abortion will terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being.” As the left has been pushing to expand abortion “rights” adding another Justice that believes all persons have the right to life can always be counted as a victory for Conservatives.

5) Justice Diane Sykes. Justice Sykes has backed voter ID laws, believes that religious should not be forced to provide contraception if it goes against their view (think Little Sisters of the Poor), and one of her most notable opinions is that cities cannot ban firing ranges. I don’t know about you but these all sound good to me, especially when all of these groups like ThinkProgress are absolutely frightened by the thought of her being on the Supreme Court.

I haven’t mentioned every nominee, but when the President of NARAL Pro-Choice America says this, “Donald Trump’s list of potential Supreme Court nominees are a woman’s worst nightmare, their records reveal a lineup of individuals who would likely overturn Roe v. Wade if given the chance, gutting what’s left of abortion access in this country and heaping punishment on women.” Id say it’s actually a pretty great list.

The Associated Press reported that these names are on the list: Steven Colloton of Iowa, Allison Eid of Colorado, Raymond Gruender of Missouri, Thomas Hardiman of Pennsylvania, Raymond Kethledge of Michigan, Joan Larsen of Michigan, Thomas Lee of Utah, William Pryor of Alabama, David Stras of Minnesota, Diane Sykes of Wisconsin and Don Willett of Texas.

Five of the potential nominees – Eid, Lee, Stras, Larsen and Willett — are on state supreme courts. The rest serve on U.S. circuit courts of appeals — Colloton and Gruender on the 8th, Hardiman on the 3rd, Kethledge on the 6th, Sykes on the 7th and Pryor on the 11th.

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