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It’s no secret that students and educators on many college campuses tend to favor liberal political ideologies rather than conservative views, which is why it’s so important to make your voice heard. The abundance of varying views in our nation is what makes America, well, America. Hearing and learning about opinions different from your own helps build character. It helps you see things from a new point of view.

It can be fairly easy to feel overwhelmed and intimidated by opposing viewpoints not only in class, but on college campuses in general. As a conservative, it is important to not let your opinions be silenced by your professors or peers because you feel that they will disagree. While differing opinions may spark political discussions and debates during lectures, be sure to remember how crucial understanding the opposite side of your argument is when forming an educated opinion. Political discussions create amazing opportunities to not only inform others of your own opinions, but also hear those on the other side out.

You’re likely not the only person with conservative views in your class. It’s even more likely that you aren’t the only one on your campus. Somebody has to be willing to speak up and voice their opinions, whether people agree or not. Someone has to give a voice to those who are not a part of the majority. Making your voice heard will strengthen your opinions. It will allow for an opposing opinion to be heard. Give a voice to others who share similar political ideologies, without them having to directly speak up at all.

If you do choose to voice your opinion in the classroom, you could very well find many of your classmates making leftist arguments that you probably don’t agree with. Your political opinions may even be challenged to the point where you become intellectually stronger. This is a good thing. You want to be intellectually tough and mentally strong when it comes to what you believe in. Political debates solidify the both of those whether you “win” the debate or not.

Being a young conservative means that you will need to research to back up your statements and prove your point more often anyone else will. Others may be skeptical of your opinions. They might be quick to attempt to dismiss your argument. While everyone should always be able to support their arguments with facts, people trying to invalidate your opinion will typically jump straight to them in an attempt to disprove you completely. You’ll need to do your research and know the facts inside and out. Not letting others silence your right-leaning ideologies is crucial, especially in a predominantly left-leaning environment.

Your partisan differences with others in your classes will teach you acceptance and humility. Most importantly, they will teach you the importance of standing your ground. They will make you strong in your beliefs. They teach you the importance of backing up your opinions with logic, rather than feelings and personal beliefs. The arguments you’ll hear from the other side will give you a better understanding of the left. They will strengthen and improve your own rebuttals and arguments in future political discussions.

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Katie is a studying Criminal Justice and Political Science at the University of Nevada, Reno. She loves baseball, dogs, the Dallas Cowboys, Jesus, and the USA.

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