The liberalness of Hollywood has become something of a punchline these days. A celebrity takes time out of an awards show to curse the President of the United States and the entire audience claps. Models tweet pictures of themselves with their children at rallies where they not only advocate for liberal positions, but tell conservatives that they are killing children. Actors turn down movie roles to go on the campaign trail with Democrat candidates. No one was surprised when every celebrity and D-list actor came out to support Hillary Clinton. We all just complained about how liberal Hollywood was and went on with our lives instead of recognizing the problem and actually doing something to change it. Politics on Capitol Hill and in the state houses are great and all, but as numerous pundits, including the late Andrew Breitbart, pointed out, politics is downstream of culture. It’s time to stop bashing Hollywood’s liberalness and invade it. We need more conservatives in Hollywood.

For the record, I know there are some great conservatives in Hollywood that are outspoken with their views. There are also probably a ton of celebrities that are secretly conservative, but will not voice those opinions because they know it would be detrimental to their careers. Recognizing that is the first step in the road to recovery. The second step is actively supporting those actors, actresses, athletes, models,etc. We all know how lonely it can be to be the only conservative. Often times it might feel easier to just be silent or even forfeit your beliefs. Imagine spending a year making a movie with a conservative message and seeing it flop in the box office. That’s demoralizing. When you see a conservative movie coming out, get a group of friends together to support it. Review it. Talk about it. Give it the support it needs to keep up with supposedly apolitical blockbusters that sneak in police attacks or digs at conservatives.

Now, I’m going to be controversial here. I know as conservatives we’re logical and probably realize that making it big in Hollywood or on Broadway or even as an author is hard. It’s no guarantee and it might not pay the bills. We can’t complain about Hollywood and think ourselves above it and expect it to change. If you have a flare for acting or writing or production, give it a try. Know that the road will be hard, but do it. The only way conservative films and TV shows are going to get made is if conservatives are making them. It doesn’t matter who is on the Supreme Court or who is in the White House if the people making the entertainment are all pushing one narrative. When I say conservative films and TV shows, I’m not saying we need to make a hundred biopics of Antonin Scalia and a movie about the horrors of abortion. We need those, sure, but we also need films that show how important marriage is to the upbringing of children. We need films about people defending themselves with their legally owned guns. Yes, we need TV shows where students are standing up against their colleges in defense of free speech. No, we don’t need more TV shows where every successful woman has to have an abortion to get ahead or every man cheats on his wife.

Culture impacts our lives on a daily basis. It’s no surprise that teen pregnancy rates went into decline around the time 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom started airing. Sure, those shows created some pretty awful celebrities we shouldn’t aspire to be, but it also showed the reality of being a young, often single, mother. In fact, it showed an entire generation of people why they should try and prevent that from being their narrative. It really can be as simple as that, if conservatives start invading Hollywood instead of just bashing it. I know it feels good to complain about Robert DeNiro, Chrissy Teigen, and Alyssa Milano on Twitter, but, like in elections, you don’t really have a right to complain if you don’t get involved. If you loved a candidate you’d donate to them or work for them or advocate for them on social media, so do the same for conservative ideas in culture, whether that’s Hollywood or Broadway or the publishing industry.

If you don’t see yourself being represented, take it upon yourself to write it into existence. In publishing, there’s a huge push for “own voices” narratives. Why? Because publishing professionals are aware that the best people to tell stories are people who have lived those stories, who have lived those identities. Conservatives need to embrace the “own voices” journey and start inserting ourselves into the story. If you want Hollywood to become less liberal, you can’t keep ignoring it and pretending it’s going to change itself. We need to support the conservatives that are already in Hollywood. We need to encourage talented conservatives to invade Hollywood and stand strong in their beliefs even in the toughest of times.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member