After what felt like the longest lead up to a midterm election ever, the final senate results are finally trickling in. Going in to Tuesday, Republicans controlled 51 seats in the Senate and Democrats controlled 49. Now, after the final votes have closed, the Republicans still have control of the Senate.  The blue wave that Democrats were expecting wasn’t as big as they thought it would be, likely leaving a lot of disappointed liberals around the country. The Democrats took control of the House of Representatives, which probably means that Nancy Pelosi will be Speaker of the House Again. Oh joy, right?

The Senate though – more of  Red Wave. The Republicans not only maintained control but they picked up seats in several states. That’s not going to change much, honestly, but it will be interesting to watch as the two chambers now battle it out.

Here are the winners in each race, 33 different states, with both Minnesota and Mississippi having a regular Senate race and a special election. Three states flipped from blue to red, including Indiana, North Dakota, and Missouri. Mississippi’s special race will hold a run-off election on November 27th. The Arizona, Florida, and Montana Senate seats are also viewed as “too close to call” though it looks like the Republicans will squeak out victories of all three.

Arizona – Too close to call

California – Democrat Dianne Feinstein

Connecticut – Democrat Chris Murphy

Delaware – Democrat Thomas Carper

Florida – Too close to call

Hawaii – Demcorat Mazie Hirono

Indiana – Republican Mike Braun

Massachusetts – Democrat Elizabeth Warren

Maryland – Democrat Ben Cardin

Maine – Independent Angus King

Michigan – Democrat Debbie Stabenow

Minnesota 1 – Democrat Amy Klobuchar

Minnesota 2 – Democrat Tina Smith

Missouri – Republican Josh Hawley

Mississippi 1 – Republican Roger Wicke

Mississippi 2 – Will go to a runoff

Montana – Too close to call

North Dakota – Republican Kevin Cramer

New Jersey – Democrat Bob Menendez

Nebraska – Republican Deb Fischer

Nevada – Democrat Jacky Rosen

New Mexico – Democrat Martin Henrich

New York – Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand

Ohio – Democrat Sherrod Brown

Pennsylvania – Democrat Bob Casey

Rhode Island – Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse

Tennessee – Republican Marsha Blackburn

Texas – Republican Ted Cruz

Utah – Republican Mitt Romney

Virginia – Democrat Tim Kaine

Vermont – Independent Bernie Sanders

Washington – Democrat Maria Cantwell

Wisconsin – Democrat Tammy Baldwin

West Virginia – Democrat Joe Manchin

Wyoming – Republican John Barrasso

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member