Election season is just like Christmas for those of us that love politics. When can feel the election spirit and have countdowns to the big day, election day!

1) People are starting to enter the race and you’re trying to narrow down your pick, but there are so many to choose from.


2) You keep tabs on your top 5 candidates and hear that one of them is coming to your town.


3) You wanted to wait in line for the meet and greet, but it’s two hours long.


4) It’s finally debate season, and your friends don’t understand why you are so excited.

giphy (3)

5) Your favorite candidate SLAYED in the debates and you’re like:

giphy (4)

6) You watch the Democratic debate…it doesn’t go well.


7) Social media is playing a huge role in this election, and candidates are taking notice. A Bernie Sanders promoted tweet pops up on your timeline and you just want to yell.

giphy (5)

8) Your liberal cousin tries to fight with you about “free” college on Facebook. You win.


9) And a random SJW starts to attack you on Twitter.


10) Then, your friends say they are not going to vote. You reply appropriately.


11) You’ve finally picked the candidate you are going to vote for and fan girl every time he/she is in the news.


12) But after months and months of keeping up with the election season, the big day is finally here and it feels like Christmas.

giphy (2)

13) You wake up on election day and just want to hop, skip, and jump all the way to the voting booths.

giphy (1)

Happy election season, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!