Elle Woods a perfect example of a Future Female Leader. I’d argue she’s a conservative woman who knows what she wants and will do everything in her power to achieve her goals. Throughout both Legally Blonde movies, we see Elle show her political beliefs in big and small ways. Let’s break it down. 

Elle uses grassroots lobbying to have her beloved Bruiser’s Bill passed

She did her research, reached out to members of Congress with dogs, and used their beloved pets to show them how important Bruiser’s Bill was.

Elle uses facts to back up her claims

Miss Woods uses her knowledge of cosmetology and exercise science when fighting for Brooke, her beloved fitness instructor in court. Because she used facts instead of relying on emotions to back up her claims, Elle wins the case and Brooke is set free.

Elle worked for her acceptance to Harvard

Instead of relying on connections or her rich family, Elle skipped out on her sorority’s parties to study for the LSAT, landing her a seat at Harvard and a near perfect test score.

Elle was a president for the people

In the many sorority house scenes, it’s evident that Elle worked hard to be elected to her position. She truly cares about her sisters and strives to make Delta Nu the strongest sorority on campus.

Elle believes in limited government

After they realize that the toilet paper has been replaced to a generic brand behind their back, Elle leads her sorority sisters in a vote to bring Charmin toilet paper back to their house. She believes that the maintenance staff should not have a say in something they are not involved in, living in the Delta Nu house.

Elle proves her worth to get elected

Instead of writing an essay, Elle chooses to make an application video full of what she knows and asks for the admissions team to “elect her” to be a part of the class of 2004.

Elle doesn’t fall for falsities

When the woman at the dress shop tried to sell her last year’s dress for full price, Elle questioned her about the fabric to test her knowledge. Then, she explained why she was wrong, and educated her on the stitching and age of the dress.

Elle stands up for those without a voice

Whether it’s unborn babies or innocent dogs, it’s important to stand up for those without a voice. Elle was inspired to write Bruiser’s Bill because his mom was a victim of animal testing within the cosmetics industry.

Although it isn’t explicitly said during either of the movies, watching Legally Blonde through a conservative lens shows fans that Elle Woods is more than a hardworking fashion major turned attorney, she is a fearless conservative woman who isn’t afraid to fight for what she believes in.

Whitney E