On February 4th, Kylie Jenner returned from her social media absence to tell us that the rumors about her being pregnant were true. On February 1st, she gave birth to a baby girl.  Here’s what she said:

After posting this photo to her Instagram, she posted an 18 second clip of a full 11 minute 32 second video titled, “To Our Daughter”  on her YouTube channel.  In this video, she takes us along the nine-month journey of her pregnancy, starting with an old clip of Kylie being born and ending with Kylie giving birth to her daughter.  Throughout the video, there are multiple moments that are sure to tug on all of our heartstrings, including when we get to see a sonogram of her daughter at 15 weeks and even hear her heartbeat!  This video was beautiful and showed us all the beauty of life, from conception to birth.  

The topic of life has been in the news a lot recently because of the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act and the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  I have always been pro-life, and I have never understood how someone could possibly be against these acts.  Even if they do not believe life begins at conception, there is no denying that a 20-week-old unborn child is a human being.  As of February 5, 2018, Kylie’s video had over 30 million views, from viewers who identify as pro-life and pro-choice.  However, after watching Kylie’s video, I do not understand how anyone who watched can still be pro-choice.

First, we see the joy Kylie’s baby girl brings to both herself, her friends, and her family from the moment they learn about her.  It was quite shocking to learn that Kylie was pregnant, considering she is only 20-years-old and had only been dating her boyfriend, Travis Scott, for a little whle before getting pregnant.  It is very likely that this pregnancy was unplanned; however, Kylie chose to keep her child which was a very brave thing of her to do considering today’s culture and the people pushing her to abort her child, such as Perez Hilton.  Kylie made the most of the situation she is in and is excited to be a mom!  After seeing the excitement and joy a child brings, how can anyone not be pro-life?

Another reason why everyone should be pro-life after watching Kylie’s video is that we get to see her daughter at 15 weeks old.  The unborn baby girl clearly looks like a person, not just a “clump of cells.”  We see her head, arms, legs, and body.  Kylie even said she saw her five fingers!  Kylie’s daughter, at this point, would have still been 5 weeks too young to be protected by the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (if it had passed), even though we can clearly tell that this is a life.  We then see another picture Kylie shows her family and friends of her unborn daughter at 25 weeks where her eyes, nose, and mouth are clearly visible, and Kylie even talks about how she counted her toes at her doctor’s appointment!  I do not understand how any person could watch this video, see Kylie’s daughter and the joy she brought to her and Travis, and still think it is okay to abort a child in these stages of development or later.

Later in the video, Kylie’s doctor shows her daughter’s heart where the four chambers are visible and lets them hear her heartbeat.  This emotional moment brings tears to Kylie and Travis’s family who were also there to hear it.  A heartbeat is a clear sign of life.

The end of the video shows Kylie going to the hospital and giving birth to her daughter.  We get to hear her cries the second she was born and a clip of her in her mother’s arms.  After watching this video, it is impossible to argue that Kylie’s daughter was just a “clump of cells” up until the moment she was born.  She did not magically become a human being when she was born. It is obvious to everyone who watched this video that that is not what happened.  Kylie’s daughter was a person before she was born and was a person from the moment she was conceived.  

Congratulations to Kylie and Travis on their newborn daughter.

Rose L