The Faith and Freedom Coalition is a phenomenal organization that promotes conservative values and mobilizes people of faith in the civic arena. Let’s break down who Faith and Freedom is and the work that they do for the conservative movement. 

Who is Faith and Freedom Coalition?

According to their website:

“We believe that the greatness of America lies not in the federal government but in the character of our people — the simple virtues of faith, hard work, marriage, family, personal responsibility, and helping the least among us. If we lose sight of these values, America will cease to be great.”

“Never before has it been more critical for us to speak out for these values. That is why the Faith & Freedom Coalition is committed to educating, equipping, and mobilizing people of faith and like-minded individuals to be effective citizens. Together we will influence public policy and enact legislation that strengthens families, promotes time-honored values, protects the dignity of life and marriage, lowers the tax burden on small business and families, and requires government to tighten its belt and live within its means.”

Their principles as listed on their site are:

  • Respect for the sanctity and dignity of life, family, and marriage as the foundations of a free society

  • Limited government, lower taxes and fiscal responsibility to unleash the creative energy of entrepreneurs

  • Education reform that puts children first

  • Help the poor, the needy, and those who have been left behind

  • Free markets and free minds to create opportunity for all

  • Victory in the struggle with terrorism and tyranny while supporting our democratic allies, including Israel

The Five-Fold Mission of the Faith and Freedom Coalition is to:

  • Mobilize and train people of faith to be effective citizens

  • Speak out in the public arena and in the media on behalf of Christian values

  • Influence legislation and enact sound public policy at every level of government

  • Train citizens for effective civic action

  • Protest bigotry and discrimination against people of faith

Many of the issues the Coalition is passionate about include family, religious liberty, support for Israel, life, immigration, human trafficking, and justice reform.

Who is their founder?

Ralph Reed was senior advisor to the Bush-Cheney campaigns in both 2000 and 2004, and chairman of the Southeast Region for BC04. As chairman of the Georgia Republican Party he led the GOP to its biggest victory in history, helping to elect the first Republican Governor and third U.S. Senator since Reconstruction. Reed is chairman and CEO of Century Strategies, LLC, a public relations and public affairs firm. As executive director of the Christian Coalition from 1989-1997, he built one of the most effective public policy organizations in recent political history. He is the best-selling author and editor of six books. He is married to his wife Jo Anne and is the father of their four children.”

In addition to their work, the coalition hosts an annual conference called Road to Majority. Future Female Leaders is proud to be a sponsor of this event this year.  

What is Road to Majority?

The Road to Majority conference is the premier national and annual event for people of faith and conservative activists. Each year, it anticipates a gathering of thousands of like-minded activities in Washington, DC from June 26-29.

Faith and Freedom Coalition shares that:

“Attendees will leave Road To Majority better prepared and energized to mobilize voters of faith to bring about a pro-family majority in Washington and in their states through training for voter registration and voter education campaigns, get-out-the-vote, lobbying, media relations, building a precinct organization, and utilizing social media.”

Past speakers at the Road to Majority Conference include Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald Trump, so you never know who might show up. So far, announced speakers include Senator Ted Cruz, HUD Secretary Ben Carson, Rep. Steve Scalise, Senator Marsha Blackburn, and more! 

Want to attend this action packed conference? Future Female Leaders still has tickets available! Email for more information. 

Jordan O

Jordan Orris works in political marketing for some of the nation’s top conservative candidates and nonprofits. She is an alumna of Auburn University and Ole Miss. Originally from Henderson, Nevada, she enjoys SEC Football, reading, and politics.