The wait is over, ladies. Megyn Kelly is back, and this time she’s in charge. The former anchor, debate host, and news maker and news reporter has launched her own media company and a podcast. 

Devil May Care Media is Kelly’s new independent media company that is focused on news, current events, legal issues, and cultural issues. 

The new podcast–The Megyn Kelly Show–launches the week of September 28th. The show, according to a press release, will feature interviews with “newsmakers, thought leaders, and compelling voices from the heartland and beyond.” From that same release, listeners can expect interviews that “transcend the superficiality and sound-bite driven confines of traditional broadcast and cable news and instead deliver in-depth, uncensored, thought-provoking conversations.”



Kelly is known for her interviews. She’s interviewed world leaders, changemakers, and big names in lots of different fields, but it’ll take a lot for her to stand out in the crowded podcast world where everyone and their brother seems to be announcing a new show on the daily. Her show will succeed if it can keep under an hour, find unique interview subjects and not the usual pundits and newscasters, and if she can push interview subjects to talk about the hard issues that aren’t always on the frontline of political news shows and campaign talking points. 

One of Kelly’s partners in this new podcast venture, Chris Balfe of Red Seat Ventures, said:

“Megyn Kelly is an icon of modern American journalism because she has always taken the side of the viewer, rather than any political or corporate agenda. That approach has earned her the trust and respect of tens of millions of Americans, which in turn makes her a perfect voice for today’s direct-to-consumer media ecosystem. We are thrilled to be partnering with her on this exciting chapter.”

People have been wondering since the moment it was announced that Kelly would be leaving NBC what she would do next. Now, we know! We wish her the best of luck on this endeavor, and we can’t wait to tune in. Fingers crossed for great interview subjects and an interviewer who isn’t afraid to push buttons and get to the heart of the issues. 

You can stream The Megyn Kelly Show on your preferred podcast platform.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member