For those not born and raised in the South and find monograms confusing, here is a complete and quick history.

First, by definition, a monogram is the intentional placement of letters, usually initials, as a way to represent yourself and your identity. The order of initials is usually used as the first initial, last initial (in a larger, more pronounced size), then middle initial last. This is known as the Victorian style. However, there are many different styles, fonts, and formats to choose from. The monogram has evolved drastically since its beginnings in Greek and Roman history. 

The history

The monogram was first used in the 6th-century local rulers to authenticate coins. Charlemagne is credited with expanding the monogram’s use by placing it on goods as a way to represent his power and authority over an area that he conquered. From there, the monogram was often used by royalty or military to show their power and position of stature by marking things with their initials. The monogram also has roots in Christianity. Chi Rho is the monogram of Jesus Christ. The monogram is a common Christian symbol for strength and guidance. The emperor Constantine I had the monogram placed on his soldier’s shields to safeguard them into battle. 

Modern monograms

The modern monogram has evolved into an iconic fashion statement. Fashion houses like Louis Vuitton “LV,” the “YSL” of Yves Saint Laurent, the mirrored “C”s of Chanel. Fashion monogram is an easy way for fashion houses to brand themselves and differentiate their products from competitors. My personal favorite is “FFL” which represents the next generation of conservative women. When I wear my FFL crewneck sweatshirt, I know I have the support of thousands of women across the country. (Insert heart swoon here). If it can be monogrammed, it has been monogrammed. From car decals, stemware, sweatshirts, bed sheets, phone cases, rain boots, key-chains, the monogram is a unique way to represent yourself.

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Lucy Kate H