One of the world’s most beloved innovators, Walt Disney, grew up trying to make it as an animator during the cruelty of the Great Depression. At the time he identified as a liberal Democrat. As he got a little bit older however, he decided his opinions were more closely represented by the conservative Republicans. In the 1940s, he even donated money to Thomas E. Dewey for his campaign against Franklin Delano Roosevelt for President of the United States. Many parents raise their children on Disney movies because they inspire wonder, creativity and imagination, but Disney movies also have many morals built into their stories. You can see some of the conservative values that Disney cherished if you pay close attention to the characters and story lines his empire created. Now, let’s count down the Disney princesses from least to most conservative. 

14) Ariel

Princess Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid took a special interest in her “whozits and whatzits”. The items that she collected made her feel closer to the human world and highlighted the importance of personal property.

13) Anna

Princess Anna from Disney’s Frozen maintains a positive attitude and sense of humor throughout the entire film. This “happy warrior” mentality is one that conservative women everywhere strive for.

12) Elsa

Queen Elsa from Disney’s Frozen possesses powers that separate her from the village she rules. They don’t tolerate the way she rules but she doesn’t ever fall victim to the intolerance. Conservative women can take a few notes from Queen Elsa when we are being ridiculed or criticized for who we are and what we believe.

11) Aurora

Princess Aurora from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty has a unique story of finding herself despite not being brought up by her biological parents. For her safety, her birth parents, the king and queen, had Aurora raised under the guidance of Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. When Aurora comes of age and discovers this secret, she is thankful for her adoptive “mothers” for raising her, as well as her birth parents for protecting her safety. We can all learn a pro-life and pro-adoption message from Princess Aurora.

10) Rapunzel

Princess Rapunzel from Disney’s Rapunzel has always felt that there was something missing from her life and that there was something drawing her to the lanterns that always appeared on her birthday. Instead of admitting defeat, she persevered and achieved her dream of seeing the lanterns. She even met her birth parents and the love of her life along the way. Princess Rapunzel teaches conservative women that perseverance can always get us where we need to go.

9) Snow White

Princess Snow White from Disney’s Snow White represents an important side of conservative feminism. In fact, many conservative feminists believe that all women should feel encouraged in the pursuit of what makes them happy, regardless of if that means leading in a career, staying at home, or doing something in between. Snow White represents the ideal housewife. She shows young girls that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to stay at home and take care of your family.. 

8) Merida

Princess Merida from Disney’s Brave is known for her self-reliance. Her storyline revolves around her disinterest in getting engaged or married. In fact, it centers on how she enjoys being able to take care of herself. Conservatives can learn from Merida by realizing the importance of personal responsibility and self-reliance.

7) Pocahontas

The left is all about identity politics and telling people what they can and cannot be based on who they are based on their gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, etc. Pocahontas from Disney’s Pocahontas is aware of the societal expectations placed on her for being Native American and the daughter of the Chief. She disregards the expectation placed on her and John Smith. Conservatives can watch Pocahontas and learn about how to accept and show love to people of all backgrounds and welcome them into our movement.

6) Moana

Moana from Disney’s Moana deals a lot with wanting to meet her family and community’s expectations while still living out her dreams. By the end of the film, she realizes that she can do both at the same time. That sense of duty to family and duty to community that all conservative women experience is what pushes her through her journey.

5) Cinderella

Princess Cinderella from Disney’s Cinderella was definitely not dealt the best hand of cards. From losing her mom at a very young age and then losing her father not many years later, to being subject to living with a step-family that treats her like a slave, Cindy wasn’t given the best of circumstances. However, just like any conservative would do, she put in hard work and had a positive attitude. She ended up being rewarded with a Fairy Godmother to make all her dreams come true.

4) Jasmine

Princess Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin has a pretty dark storyline, which includes her becoming betrothed to a man of her father’s choosing, as arranged marriage was common practice in her country at the time. Jasmine, being the conservative rock star she is, fights against the governmental constraints placed on her. She fights for more personal liberties for herself and her people.

3) Belle

Princess Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is well known for being one of the strongest female heroes of any Disney film. At the beginning of the film, we get a sense of her love of family and the amount of importance that she places on her relationship with her father. This relationship is put to the test when he is kidnapped by the Beast, but Belle shows the conservative virtue of self-sacrifice by offering to take her father’s place and live as the Beast’s prisoner. Belle also values education and is constantly reading, and teaching those around her to read.

2) Mulan

If there’s one thing any God-fearing, America-loving girl knows it’s that our freedoms are constantly being defended by the men and women who sacrifice themselves to our military. The sense of patriotism of your country that unites us is one of the most important parts of being an American. Mulan from Disney’s Mulan exemplifies both as she offers herself up to fight in the military and defend the honor of both her family and her beloved country. We could all take a few hints from Mulan on how to be a better daughter and a better patriot.

1) Tiana

And the most conservative Disney princess goes to Tiana, from Disney’s Princess and the Frog. The story of a young girl, who worked hard to make her parents proud, was one that resonated with many when the film first came out. Tiana was only a child when her father passed away. This didn’t stop her from working to live out the dream that they shared of owning a restaurant together. Tiana used to wish on a star for her dream, but her father quickly reminded her “You wish and you dream with all your little heart, but you remember Tiana that old star can only take you part of the way. You gotta help it along with some hard work of your own and then? You can do anything you set your mind to.”

Tiana’s story reminds conservative women that it takes a combination of big dreams and hard work to achieve what we want to in life. With those two things, we can achieve anything we want. When she works, she does it with a positive attitude. She loves her family fiercely, and she isn’t opposed to the idea of love, but she isn’t falling all over the idea of a husband. For all of these reasons, Tiana is the queen of the conservative women.

Georgia G
“Georgia Gallagher is a graduating senior at The University of Alabama, where she is double majoring in Journalism and Political Science. When she’s not studying, she can be found running political organizations on campus, writing, and advocating for pro-life policies. She often says that her planner is second only to her Bible and she’s never caught without a cup of coffee in her hand.”