“War on women” is a common phrase hijacked by the left-wing to describe conservatives, but is it true?

Conservatives are told they are “against women” because they are pro-life. This is the main reason most liberals cite to recruit women to their side of the aisle. This has compelled me to provide women with five reasons why they should be conservative:

  1. Conservatives believe in hand-ups, not hand-outs.

Liberals love to perpetuate the welfare state. Under the Obama administration, America’s web of dependency has greatly expanded. In fact, from January 2009 to July 2014, the number of Americans on food stamps has risen from 31.9 million to over 46 million – an exponential increase. There are more Americans on food stamps than American women working full-time. This is extremely concerning, and conservatives believe there is a better solution: private sector job growth, lowering taxes, and removing regulations that drown small businesses. Not only does this benefit women; it benefits everyone.

  1. Conservatives want all women to be protected while vulnerable.

It is undeniable that women face vulnerability, especially in deserted areas or at nighttime. Conservatives believe that all women should practice their Second Amendment rights by being equipped with a firearm. This would significantly decrease the chances of harm being brought against women, particularly domestic violence victims and women residing in crime-stricken areas such as Chicago and Philadelphia.

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  1. Conservatives push for women’s rights to freely practice their religious beliefs.

Liberalism, time and time again, has attempted to crush religious liberty, a right millions of American women cherish. The irony? Liberals, while arguing a cause that benefits them, are the same people to argue that the church should be kept separate from the state. All women deserve to unapologetically practice their faith if they so choose, and conservatives have continually fought for this.

  1. Conservatives don’t blame men as an excuse for failure.

Simple: liberal feminists whine while conservative feminists empower. Facing any setbacks or failure? Liberals argue it is because patriarchy has taken away opportunities from women. Conservatives, however, are here to remind women that in order to achieve their dreams, they simply need to work hard. Former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina is a prime example of this, given her gradual transition from secretary to CEO. 

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  1. Conservatives believe women are better than abortion.

Since 1973, nearly 60 million unborn children have been lost to abortion. Oftentimes, this is because women feel they have no way to overcome their problems without abortion. Liberals have perpetuated the need for abortion, calling it “healthcare.” Meanwhile, conservatives remind women there are other options than abortion. 

Alexandra A
FFL Contributor