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Nikki Haley announced just today that she is launching her very own policy group, Stand for America. It did not take long for the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations to lend herself to public service once again. This time, her efforts to strengthen the United States will be through advocacy. She has founded Stand for America. It is “an advocacy group promoting public policies that strengthen America’s economy, culture and national security.”

The main tenets outlined on the Stand For America website tackle both issues at home and abroad. Some of these issues include:

  • America’s Culture, enveloping the disunity occurring politically and culturally throughout our country. As Americans, we must realize our shared values and freedoms.

  • Border Safety and Public Safety: as immigration has become a hot button issue as of late.  Legal immigration is the best way to enforce safety and security, and protect people from terrorism, human trafficking and drug smuggling.

  • Foreign Threats: China, Russia and Iran cited as our biggest current international threats.

  • Socialism, and that it is failed policy that must not be implemented in the states.  We can do better with low taxes, lessening regulations, giving Americans better access to healthcare, and stimulating jobs.  

  • Term Limits, and how members of Congress should not be serving for decades and decades. By advocating for term limits placed on politicians, other good people can serve in office and maybe we can move away from the overwhelming influence of special interest groups.

At FFL, we cannot wait to see what Nikki Haley accomplishes as she works to keep America “safe, strong and prosperous.”  With all that she achieved as the governor of South Carolina and ambassador to the United Nations, we know that this group will make an impact. 

Be sure to check out the organization’s website and become a member of SFA!

Laynee P

Laynee is a patriotic conservative living in Nashville. For most of her childhood, she grew up in Seattle and then studied government and politics at Wagner College in New York City. Coming from a military family, she has lived all over America in very blue cities. When she is not studying up on politics, she enjoys volunteering, running, music and spending time with her family.