As young women with strong ambitions, we often throw our hearts and souls into everything we do. We work day and night to ensure that we are doing our absolute best to achieve our dreams, yet it still feels like it’s not enough. It still feels like nobody actually notices the effort and passion we pour into our studies and internships. We stay up day and night studying, hoping to get an A on the exam, and only come out with a B. We aim to boost our experience level, only to be rejected from the dream position we were hoping for.

As someone who has felt this time and time again, I am here to tell that it is okay to be disappointed. You deserve to be recognized for your hard work. It is okay to be upset, but don’t let that disappointment get in the way of what could happen. I am also here to tell you that people do notice the hard work. They may not say anything immediately, but people recognize that your commitment is radiating from you. You are enough, and there are people in the world that recognize that. It may not be the person you want it to be, and it may not even be somebody you know yet, but somewhere, someone recognize the hard work and dedication that you have. Someday, that hard work and dedication will pay off.

It wasn’t until colleagues and fellow classmates started asking me questions about government and politics that I realized people actually recognized my passion. Whether it feels like it or not, every single step you take counts towards the end goal. Those extra couple of hours you stayed in the library to finish studying? That could have been the difference between the B you got, and the C you could have gotten. That position you applied for and were turned down from? It put your name in front of the organization so next time, you could be recognized. It allowed you to enhance your resume and interview skills. Those numerous FFL articles you shared about conservatism and empowering young women? It portrayed a passion like no other.

I can tell you firsthand that spending countless hours in the library and countless hours filling out applications becomes exhausting, especially when you don’t get what you had hoped for out of it. Sometimes, that’s the way life works. Sometimes you’re told no, only to test your willpower. That is when it is most important to pick yourself up and carry on. You spend hours on end pursuing a passion you think no one recognizes. One day you find out that people do and they actually admire you for it. All of a sudden, people start telling you that you inspire them. It lights a fire inside of you that you may have never felt before.

I can also tell you firsthand that down the line, when you finally manage to earn an A or finally manage to land that dream position, you will look back on all of the dedication and thank yourself for it. The overachiever, the go-getter, the girl that spends hours on end drinking far too much coffee in library to do her best on an exam and the girl that exhibits a passion for everything she sets out to accomplish is the type of person that stands out to professors and future employers. They notice that you push yourself to be the best you possibly can be. They notice that you go above and beyond what anyone could ever expect of you. Those qualities mean more than any letter grade ever will.

Even if you don’t reach the outcome you were hoping for, even if it feels like nobody notices the passion and dreams that you have, don’t lose sight of what’s important. Hold onto those qualities and use the disappointment as encouragement to try again. Be disappointed for a few seconds, and then stand up, brush your knees off, and keep moving. Some day, somebody will recognize your hard work.

Emily W
FFL Cabinet
Emily is an aspiring Elle Woods with a hint of Nancy Reagan. Searching for cute dogs on instagram is only a side hobby to politics. When she's not teaching people about conservatism in Starbucks, you can catch her meeting princesses at Disney or binge watching Gilmore Girls and The West Wing for the millionth time.

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