CPAC is coming. Prepare yourself! The Conservative Political Action Conference is one of the best times of the year, especially for a strong conservative. We are all so excited for CPAC 2016, especially at FFL. Maybe you are going to CPAC for the first time, and you’re unsure of what is about to go down. Let’s talk about what it is like to go to CPAC, through the lens of our favorite little girl, Michelle Tanner.

Every conservative/Republican you know asks if you are going to CPAC. As if you would miss it. It’s been in your planner since they announced the dates! 



You save up every cent to afford CPAC tickets, hotel rooms, and food.  You’re ever willing to skip on Spring Break plans because liberty, duh. 



You leave your liberal campus behind and head towards National Harbor for the best three days of your life. 



You have to announce your excitement to every single person you meet in the hotel lobby as you check in. 



The day is finally here.  CPAC is among us.  You’re preparing to head into the first event and you can’t stay still! 



You’ve picked out your best outfit and know you look awesome. Conservative with a hint of fresh.



Your favorite conservative takes the stage to speak and you swoon. 



Inevitably, two people will start fighting over which candidate they prefer, and you’ll want to intervene. Why can’t we be friends?



You step out to go to the bathroom, you end up getting lost, and you have to RUN back to the ballroom so you don’t miss the next speaker. Yes, we know life is hard as a CPAC attendee.



You sit next to a real adult who will no doubt ask you what it is like to be a conservative on campus, as if they don’t already know. 



Someone makes a joke that they would rather vote for a Democrat than XYZ candidate. Come on.


Speakers make grand promises to reform the government and be more like Ronald Reagan. 



The first day is over and you are ready for some after hour events.



The next morning, you miss the first speech because 9am is REALLY early for you.



By the end of the day, you feel exhausted, but completely full of the conservative spirit. But your hair doesn’t show it. 



You see the FFL booth full of FFL goodies, complete with the FFL team, and you realize your life will never be the same ever again.



It’s the end, and people start asking if you are ready to go back to school. ​Can’t CPAC last forever?



Finally, you accept that you have to go back to school, ​but you’ll always have CPAC in your heart. 



​We’ll see you at CPAC!