While there are many questions I have for socialists, the number one is “Do you want the poor to become richer or the rich to become poorer?” The latest socialist candidates and talking points seem to deal more with bringing the billionaires and successful CEO’s of the world down rather than bringing those in poverty up. There are key differences between the classic Democrat platform of giving handouts to those in need and the modern left’s take on how to fix income inequality in this country. There are less and less conversations about willingly helping out your neighbor when they are in need and more conversations about tearing down those that live more well off than you. 

The problem with this new mindset the modern left has is that no amount of jealously these social justice warriors have of the rich will fix the issues and help those in poverty.

Saying that billionaires shouldn’t exist, as Bernie Sanders recently did in this election cycle, isn’t going to help the high school graduation rates of children living in poverty.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sharing that the aspiration to be wealthy, and being a billionaire isn’t a good thing, doesn’t help homeless individuals find ways to get clothes and rides for interviews.

The campus leftist holding up a protest sign that says “Rich People Are Evil” isn’t going to help the struggling college student pay for school. 

You know what does help those in poverty in those situations?

Capitalism and the very CEO’s and corporations that those on the left paint as evil.

For example, the popular ride-share company Lyft is starting a new program where they will be offering free rides to job interviews, job trainings, and to work for the first three weeks of new employment in low income areas. This Job Access Program will be opening in 35 cities. This multi-million corporation is doing something tangible to help those in poverty to improve their situation. That is far more than the angry rich-hating talking points that Democratic Presidential candidates use during the debates are doing. 

Another popular ride-share company, Uber, has partnered with Arizona State University to offer the chance to get an undergraduate degree from the University for drivers that complete 3,000 rides in some starting cities. 

Once again, this is another way that corporations are helping those in need better than not only the government, but also the hateful rhetoric coming from the left when it comes to the wealthy. 

Pushing the narrative that hating the rich is the way to fix income inequality, completely glosses over the real roadblocks and difficulties people face when they are in poverty. Quality of education, lack of access to transportation, and genuine inability to afford food on a daily basis won’t be fixed simply by taxing the wealthy into non-existence. If those on the left truly cared about people in poverty they would concentrate on highlighting and encouraging many of the programs started by corporations like the ones listed above that are working to tackle these actual roadblocks. Instead of insulting Secretary of Education Betsey DeVos because of her net worth, they would partner with her to push school choice which helps children in low-income areas get higher quality educations. 

Unfortunately for so many of the major figures on the modern left, people in poverty aren’t the point. Their votes and the use of them for virtue signaling is the point. The sound bites from debates, the dramatic Twitter trend inducing campaign rally speeches, and the headline making interviews are all more important than trying to help and encourage those who think their suffering is inescapable. Hopefully, one day we can all learn that encouraging people to work towards their own upliftment is better than teaching and encouraging them to cheer on someone else’s downfall.

Stormi R