Want to know what’s scarier than Halloween, ghosts, ghouls, demons, and monsters? Liberal policies. I know, it might seem like a stretch but hear me out.


Members of the Democratic Party and the Left as a whole continues to perpetuate this idea that abortion is beautiful and fun and breezy but that’s truly not it. Abortion is dark, grim, and literally ends a life. Abortion is sad and not something to be thrown around willy-nilly. 

Democrats are also defending third trimester abortions even though there is never a reason, medical or personal, to abort a baby in the third trimester and no doctor would ever recommend an abortion in the third trimester.

The weird obsession with Planned Parenthood which started off as a terrifying eugenics site. Planned Parenthood also purposefully puts their sites in low-income areas to intentionally target minorities. Planned Parenthood claims to provide so many services that they don’t actually do and Democrats want everyone to believe that Planned Parenthood is the end all, be all of women’s health care when there are, in fact, 13-20 health care clinics for every 1 Planned Parenthood. 


“For thee but not for me” seems to be an on-going theme for Democrats but it is especially apparent when you look at their policies when it comes to environmental policy.

The low hanging fruit of this entire argument is that they are entirely too hypocritical when it comes to travel. We see most the elite Left gallivanting on private jets and cementing their legacy as one of the contributors to the suffering of the planet through a massive carbon footprint.

But we can also dig into things like how Democrats really want the government to be more involved in the environment. This is incredibly ironic considering that the government is the largest polluter in the United States.

Let’s move on to the policy itself which isn’t financially sustainable to start but then these people truly want you to believe that the government can save the world. Newsflash: the government couldn’t even make a functioning website. 


It is obvious to anyone who have ever paid attention even for a minute in history class that socialism inevitably leads to the collapse of the socialist regime, someone gets power hungry and wants to act as the savior and then turns into a dictator. 

Socialist policies have collectively killed over 100 million people. 100,000,000. One hundred million. 

The Left claims that no where has ever gotten socialism right which is exactly the point. It can’t be done right because it’s not feasible and goes against every fiber of human nature. 

I don’t think it’s hard to see that people are fleeing their socialist countries in droves to escape the evils of the government in their home countries. 


The party literally advocated for a health care system where there would be death panels in every hospital. 

They want government run healthcare but fail to recognize the long list of problems at the VA hospitals around the country. 

Expanding Medicare and Medicaid could be extremely detrimental. I’m talking about loss of coverage on health insurance and the inability to purchase supplemental insurance. 

Gun Rights

I can’t think of much else scarier than the government having access to guns while normal citizens do not. I know, I know, Democrats keep saying “we don’t want to take away all guns” but when you talk of getting rid of semi-automatic. This is quite literally almost all of them. 

It’s so wild to me to see the Left protest the abuse of force from the government, specifically police, but often advocate that the only people to trust with guns is the government. 

There is a reason why you can’t find much ammo as we head into the 2020 election. People know what liberal policies will lead to.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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