Depending on the day, I either love or hate driving. Traffic is a nightmare, but there is nothing more peaceful than a scenic route on an open highway.

While you may think your state and city has the worst drivers in the country when you’re stuck in a traffic jam or when it’s raining, there is a state that takes the cake for the worst state to drive in… and it might surprise you.

Let’s break down what are the best and worst United States states to drive in, thanks to a study by WalletHub.

Let’s discuss the factors WalletHub took into account when determining the best (and worst) states to drive  in. They compared the 50 states across four key dimensions – gas prices, commute times, rush-hour traffic congestion, and the quality of the roads. Finally, they evaluated over 31 different metrics that you can find here.

Worst States to Drive In:

  1. Hawaii

  2. Alaska

  3. Washington

  4. California

  5. New Hampshire

  6. Rhode Island

  7. Massachusetts

  8. Wyoming

  9. New Jersey

  10. Maryland

Best States to Drive In:

  1. Oregon

  2. Illinois

  3. Indiana

  4. Iowa

  5. Texas

  6. North Carolina

  7. Georgia

  8. Arkansas

  9. Nebraska

  10. Ohio

Want to know more? Here’s a few more interesting breakdowns, again, complements of WalletHub. 

Highest Avg. Gas Prices

  1. Hawaii

  2. California

  3. Washington

  4. Alaska

  5. Tied- Oregon & Nevada

Lowest Avg Gas Prices

  1. Missouri

  2. Oklahoma

  3. Arkansas

  4. Texas

  5. South Carolina

Highest Auto Maintenance Cost

  1. New York

  2. Hawaii

  3. Massachusetts

  4. Vermont

  5. New Jersey

Lowest Auto Maintenance Cost

  1. Oregon

  2. West Virginia

  3. Montana 

  4. Indiana

  5. Delaware

Highest % of Rush Hour Congestion

  1. California

  2. Maryland

  3. New Jersey

  4. Delaware

  5. Massachusetts

Lowest % of Rush Hour Congestion

  1. Mississippi

  2. New Mexico

  3. Pennsylvania

  4. Iowa

  5. Idaho

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