In late 2019, all of our dreams came true. It was officially confirmed that we would be getting a reboot of the beloved, and oft-discussed, Gossip Girl Series. 

Originally airing on the CW from 2007 to 2012, this new reboot will stream on HBO Max, but here’s what you need to know while you wait. Spoilers for the original series ahead, but it’s been seven years since it ended, so you’ve been warned. 

The voice of Gossip Girl is back

Kristen Bell, who voiced Gossip Girl in the original series despite Dan Humprhey actually being Gossip Girl, will return to the series. Bell’s famous voice was one of the signature features of the show. There’s no doubt it will feel just like returning home with her voice-over. 

The entire cast won’t be back

While Kristen Bell will definitely return, don’t expect Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick, Penn Badley, or Chace Crawford to reprise their roles. The show would love to have them make appearances, sure, but we all know how people change and move beyond roles. According to the writer/producer, the new characters will be like iterations of Serena, Blair, Chuck, Dan, and Nate, but they won’t be exact carbon copies or attempts to look at them ten years later. The creators also say the show will be more diverse and less “Manhattan-centric” (aka, Brooklyn is cool again). 

“I think of it like the Marvel universe. It’s not a continuation or a sequel. It truly just is looking at a different angle,” producer Joshua Safran said in an interview

Safran says that the new characters will know about what happened in the original series. In fact, they will reference the characters and maybe infamous moments, but the world is different now than it was in 2007. Social media has changed a lot. It’ll be an interesting new dip into the world. 

There were 10 episodes ordered

So far, it’s been confirmed that ten episodes have been ordered for the reboot. The original series ran for 121 episodes. While that’s a lot to ask for with a reboot, we could see it happen!

In an interview, executive producer Josh Schwartz said, “We’re excited about being able to tell a different version of the story, and there are different levels of restriction. With streaming, there are fewer episodes so how you unpack those stories or how you tell those stories can differ from the broadcast model. Obviously, we want it all to come out of character that feels organic to the show.”

There’s more in the book world

The original Gossip Girl series is based, loosely, on the novels by Cecily Von ZIegesar. The series had two spin-off series. While it doesn’t look like they’ll influence this show, they are great ways to dive back into the world while you wait. One of the spin-off series follows Jenny Humphrey when she goes off to boarding school, and the other,shorter series looks at the life of the Upper East Siders who move in and take over post-Serena/Blair. 

So…when and where can I watch?

No official release date has been announced for the series. HBO Max as a streaming service releases in May 2020 and will cost about $15. Subscribers to HBO Now will be grandfathered in.  According to people involved, the first script has already been written, so we are on a path forward that hopefully won’t take too much. Regardless of when the new reboot appears,  the original series will stream on HBO Max along with a bevy of other Warner media content.

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Aryssa D
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