The electoral college has certified their votes, and it’s official: Donald Trump has to find a new job. What will he do post-presidency? Will he follow in the paths carved by his predecessors? Will he break the mold and run again in 4 years?

There are some things we know always happen to past presidents: presidential libraries, Secret Service for life, an inability to drive their own cars, a book deal or a dozen, and a chance to make a pretty penny just to open their mouths. But other presidents, especially in recent years, have broken the mold. Jimmy Carter returned to a life of service–even continuing to lead a Sunday School class.  George W. Bush took up painting. Barack Obama got involved in entertainment production. 

Let’s explore the options for what Donald Trump–never one to fall in line with what others are doing just for the sake of continuity–might do post-presidency. 

He’ll Run for President Again

As we all know, a president can serve two full terms–up to 10 years if they end up taking over from another president–in office. Trump’s one term presidency as 45 means he could run again in 2024, or 2028. Of course, he’ll be even older then, and the party may look very different. He’s also likely to face another young crop of presidential hopefuls that have spent the past 4 years either living in Trump’s shadow or trying to break out of it.

According to Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, he could run for president again.

“Look, if he does not remain president for the next four years, I truly believe that he will probably consider running again in 2024,”she said on January 6th, 2021. 

Of course, she was saying this right after the electoral college certification and amidst Trump’s continued assertions that the election was rigged, so perhaps his fervor to run again will die down in intervening years. With Democrats now controlling both chambers of Congress and the White House, there won’t be a shortage of Republicans trying to stand up and make a name for themselves by speaking out, and so Donald Trump, if he runs again in 2024, will face competition. 

Trump, in a statement early on January 7th, referred to January 2017-January 2021 as a “first term” in making presidential history, which implied to many his hopes of seeking a second term. 

We won’t really know until late 2022 or early 2023 if a 2024 Trump run is legitimate–he may say he’ll run again tomorrow, but we’ll have to see when the paperwork is filed, if a campaign team comes together, etc. 

He’ll Run for Another Office

Some claim that Trump won’t bother with the presidency again–he’ll seek out another office, like governor. Few have faith in this assumption though, because it’s hard to imagine Trump being happy with a lesser office after holding the most important one in the world. 

If he did run for a state office, it would likely be in his newly adopted home state of Florida, rather than New York.  He is a registered Florida voter now, and it’s been announced he wants to call Mar-a-Lago home post-White House. 

Ron DeSantis, the current governor of Florida, is friendly with Trump, but DeSantis is not up for re-election until 2022, and he will be eligible to run for a second term. Could Trump challenge him? Maybe, but it seems unlikely he would do that when he could simply run for president again.  

He’ll Do the Speaking Circuit

Even as divisive as Trump may be, you know the speaking circuit would gladly pay him big money to appear and talk and bring in the crowds.  All former presidents are hot commodities when it comes to lectures and stump speeches, so don’t expect Trump to be any different. 

He’ll likely not get the same Ivy League, gold-plated invitations that Democrat former presidents receive, but many conservative institutions will not shy away from bringing Trump in to speak if they can afford his fees. 

Trump may also be a regular in giving stump speeches to especially Trumpian candidates around the country seeking to continue his mission to “make America great again.” 

Will he also stump against candidates who try and be the anti-Trump or talk poorly about his administration? Only time will tell, but we know he’s not afraid of conflict. 

He’ll Go Back into Business

Donald Trump made his name in business and real estate, could he head back that way? It’s not impossible. 

It’d be pretty easy for him to pick up where he left off buying property, licensing his name on things, etc. I don’t think he’ll be back hosting The Apprentice anytime soon, but barring any funky moves, I could see him getting back into business. It’s also the easiest out for him, if he doesn’t want to face a 2024 election. He can simply say he’s too busy running a successful business, can’t possibly leave his work behind, is doing more good for the country in the private sector, et cetera. 

What do you think Trump will do after January 20th, 2021?

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member