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I am sure you have heard Hillary Clinton mention the “woman card” once or twice during her campaign for the presidency. If you haven’t, she sells a small, pink card emblazoned with “Woman Card” on her campaign shop. What exactly is this woman card? Is it helping Clinton in her quest for the White House?

The definition of this “woman card” depends on who you ask. According to Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for President, Hillary Clinton is using the mere fact that she is a woman to garner votes and gain sympathies from voters. Trump, and many of his supporters, feel as though Clinton would not be receiving much of the support that she is getting if she were not a woman. “Frankly, if Hillary Clinton were a man, I don’t think she would get 5% of the vote,” Trump was quoted saying at a rally in New York. Former candidate for the Republican nomination, Carly Fiorina, feels as if gender should play no role in electing a president. In a response to Clinton’s constant reference to being “dealt in” to the woman card, Fiorina has said “Of course she’s going to play the woman card, that’s what she does. I’m never going to ask for people’s support because I’m a woman.”

On the other hand, Clinton relishes in the idea of the “woman card.”  She feels as if it is something to her advantage in this election – as seen in her online campaign shop). To Clinton, this “woman card” includes expanding women’s health care and paid family leave. The Clinton team has also cashed in on this idea, making $2.4 million dollars from emails and selling related products. The shop features products like a pocket size “woman card”, t-shirts, and decks of cards featuring statistics about women. Who knew that simply being a woman could garner so much extra cash?

This election cycle has seen heightened tensions regarding the candidates running and their heated rhetoric on a number of issues.  This is including the importance of gender for voters and candidates alike. Whether you believe that this “woman card” is a legitimate tactic to winning the presidency or not, here is the truth. The United States needs a strong leader that can bring our nation into a new era of prosperity and safety. I believe the most qualified candidate should become our next leader.  The gender of the person running should possess zero weight in determining who will lead our country for the next four years. The beautiful thing about America is that every citizen has the same opportunities for greatness, success, and the ability to change the world. I will never let my gender hold me back. I would not want anyone to treat me differently, or give me preferential treatment simply because I am a woman. There is no denying that Hillary Clinton relies heavily on the fact that she is a woman in her quest for the presidency.  What she may fail to realize is that there is a large portion of the population that do not see gender as a determining factor in this election. After all, as strong young women in America, we know to vote with our lady smarts, not our lady parts.

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