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Hillary, if you are trying to be a champion for women, how about you first start with some actions, not just colorful phrases in speeches? Hillary Rodham Clinton is the personification of a War On Women in America. Don’t believe me? Here are five ways that Hillz is indeed creating a REAL War On Women:

1) Hillary continues to push the wage gap narrative, which indeed is false, that all women are paid less than their male counterparts. Interestingly enough, Hillary, as a US Senator, paid her female staffers on average 28% less than their male counterparts…. Looks like Hillary should put her money where her mouth is.

2) Hillary continues to make women victims by talking about how women do not have the same rights as men.  That doesn’t stop her from accepting donations for her beloved Clinton Foundation from countries that deny women the most basic rights. Sounds a bit hypocritical, don’t you think?

3) Hillary touched on the subject of “choice” in her first, no wait second presidential announcement. Apparently, Hillary is an advocate for women, but only once they are given birth to.

4) Hillary talks about the topic of birth control in many of her speeches…because the government should stay out of the bedroom except for when the taxpayers are paying for your birth control. (Can’t you hear the sarcasm dripping from my mouth)

5) Hillary is supposedly a “champion” for minorities yet she supports and promotes Margaret Sanger who said “Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated” and Planned Parenthood, which targets areas heavy with minority populations to place their clinics.

Hillary is the one promoting and continuing this War on Women. She is the one that is making it harder for women to succeed in this country by making them victims. After knowing all of this, how could you still vote for her?


Andrea R
Cabinet Member
Andrea is a Catholic University of America grad with an unhealthy obsession with politics, wine, and who is fluent in sarcasm & sass. In her spare time she can be found invading liberal safe spaces on Twitter.

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