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Dear Hollywood liberals,

So, a lot of you got together to make a video. Good for you. At first glance, this video seems to be an ordinary “get out and vote” message, something that any young politico can get behind. Then suddenly, a shift occurs, and you are back to shoving your liberal agenda in my face.

As soon as the video begins, you use your celebrity status to call the GOP nominee a “racist, abusive, coward” and imply that the GOP’s nominee is simply the face of “fear and ignorance.” Perhaps the most repulsive thing that occurs in the video is the way you talk to your audience, the way you talk to me. You all go on about obligation and the importance of voting, and then proceed to tell me how to utilize my vote. You further degrade my intellect when you say that if I vote, Mark Ruffalo will have a nude scene in his next film. Your appeal is to assert that we cannot identify the importance of this year’s election on our own.  In your eyes, we need celebrities to tell us the value of our vote – while objectifying men in the process. The video, which was produced by an independent third party whose mission statement includes, “We are committed to fighting the apathy, cynicism, and honest confusion that keeps citizens from using their vote,” uses fear mongering via celebrities to push a liberal agenda in the faces of anyone who stumbles upon the video.

Well, I have a message for all of those in the video who are using their celebrity status to bully me into voting for Clinton: I am not blinded by the glimmer of your fame. Julianne Moore, your Oscar-winning performances will not make me forget that Hillary Clinton claims to stand for women but has silenced her husband’s sexual assault victims. Jesse Williams, your piercing eyes won’t make me fail to remember that Hillary Clinton is endorsed by and stands with Planned Parenthood. Keegan-Michael Key, your comedy chops will not cause me to forget about the 30,000 plus emails that were erased from Hillary’s email server.

Cobie Smulders, not even your How I Met Your Mother performances can get me to forget that Hillary put our national security at risk by using a private email server. Stanley Tucci, your iconic roles in The Devil Wears Prada and The Hunger Games aren’t iconic enough for me to not care about the fact that as a lawyer, Hillary laughed about getting a child rapist off. Robert Downey Jr, your Iron Man super hero powers aren’t enough to make me brush off the extent to which Mrs. Clinton has flip-flopped on important issues. Finally, Neil Patrick Harris, your role as Barney on How I Met Your Mother is not legendary enough for me to simply push aside that fact that Ambassador Stevens and three other American heroes died in Benghazi because of Clinton’s dangerous and negligent foreign policy.

There is not enough celebrity power in the world to get me to vote for Hillary, not even all of yours put together.

Taylor H
Taylor is currently studying Public Administration and Policy at the Univeristy of Arizona. Fluent in sarcasm, and a white wine enthusiast, Taylor enjoys spending her days interning for the Kelli Ward for US Senate campaign and being the outspoken republican voice in a class full of liberals.

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