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Politics is a field full of passion, but that passion can easily turn into anger and hateful language. Sure, this is true in every political party.  It doesn’t mean that ours should also take part in divisive language that causes us to fracture.  It makes the Republican Party seem unappealing to onlookers. The ideals of conservatism show that it is a movement of inclusion. From free markets to limited government, the conservative movement is one that gives power to the individual. If our conservative ideals and principles represent compassion and empowerment, then we must demonstrate that through our rhetoric.

Political arguments often get the best of us, leading us to insult instead of educate. This is especially true on social media, a place where political debates are a common occurrence. On the Internet, it’s easy to resort to insults, passive language, or snarky comments. We often do not have a personal connection with the individuals we debate and the value of the conversation at hand is strictly political. However, using insults or snarky language is not the answer or the key to winning a debate and will certainly not show liberals what we stand for as conservatives.

Every debate that we get into on social media (and in person) should be viewed as an opportunity to educate others about what our party stands for. Leave a strong and lasting impression of what it means to be a Republican. Show the Left that our principles care most about the individual and that we do, too. We do this by leading smart debates–ones that are fueled by facts and not anger or emotion. As conservatives, we must debunk the myth that we are all bigots and rise above the Left. We must prove that we are the party of compassion and we start doing this by paying attention to how we treat members of our own party.

This election cycle is a perfect example of the inevitable division that forms when the party gets a host of new candidates. Election season is a time of stress, not only for the candidates themselves, but for voters across the country. Our passion for the love of one candidate and the disdain for another often rules our political arguments and leads to more divisive rhetoric when discussing politics with members of our party. We feel compelled to turn other Republicans to our “side,” forgetting that they are already on our side. At the end of the day, us conservatives share the same core principles and the same end goals. We must not forget the value of a unified party.

If we do not appear to be unified or respectful, how will we successfully combat the Left? The party will not be viewed with a high regard by Leftists or by our own party members. There is no appeal in a party that does not treat its own members with respect, the same way there is no appeal in a party that does not treat outsiders with respect.

Staying level-headed can be very difficult in politics, especially during the election season. I urge you to first remember the members of our party (generally) stand for the same ideals we do, and we are all working toward a common end goal. We must work together to reach these end goals. Secondly, remember when debating someone out of our party that we are temporarily representing our party and what it stands for. We should be compelled to leave a positive, lasting impression on what it means to be a conservative.

Politics is a field full of passion but we must use this passion in a positive and productive manner. Fight the good fight, but consider the impression you wish to leave.

Alana B
FFL Contributor
Alana is an undergraduate student at Washington State University studying communications. She aspires to work in either journalism or communications and aims to empower young women to feel confident in sharing their political views. Her favorite things include Jesus, capitalism, politics, yoga, and traveling.

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