We all love America, right? We love the benefits of being citizens, and we want to help other people become legal citizens! One of the best ways to be a patriotic citizen and overall good citizen is to help others become legal citizens and complete the US naturalization process. While we’re all at home with more time on our hands, why not begin the process of becoming a citizenship volunteer? 

First, check out some of the online learning modules!

You want to make sure you know what’s involved in the process–what it takes to become a citizen, the testing process, paperwork, etc. You can view the EIGHT MODULES of the USCIS volunteer training program here and at your own leisure. I recommend viewing them before you go any further in the volunteer process so that you can make the most of your experience right away and be a true asset in the process. 

Hint: it’s not just about knowing the presidents or the three branches of government. You can take a sample citizenship test here, but there is much more to the naturalization process. 

Let’s talk about what it would mean for you to be a citizenship volunteer, on the ground. 

You, of course, could launch your own initiative to help people become citizens, but it will likely be more fruitful if you explore existing partnerships and volunteer opportunities. Many local community colleges and public libraries have citizenship volunteer opportunities. You could help people study for the citizenship test. You could simply speak with them in English to practice vocabulary words. Or you could help them fill out paperwork. 

Obviously, having people to help is a core part of the volunteer process.If you are starting off on your own, or simply trying to attract new people to an existing organization, I recommend advertising your services. Put up signs in public libraries, at parks, and if you can, send informational flyers to schools for kids to take home to their parents and family members. I also recommend advertising within immigrant communities, however those manifest in your area. That could mean advertising at cultural festivals, reaching out to new members of your church who may be interested, or asking new citizens if they have any other friends or family members interested in the process. 

Check out this guide from the USCIS about starting an adult citizenship education course

Attend a naturalization ceremony! Dress up in your favorite patriotic outfit and go celebrate the new citizens in your community. It’s a great experience–even if you don’t know anyone being naturalized. These ceremonies are open to the public and occur regularly around the country. Find a naturalization ceremony near you by checking out the court websites near you or talking to local service groups like the Daughters of the American Revolution. 

I hope this has given you a few ideas about getting involved in citizenship volunteer work! Becoming a US citizen is a daunting process for many, but an absolutely worthwhile endeavor. But being a volunteer isn’t just about you. You’re making a big difference in people’s lives. The key is to go into this selflessly. You’re here to serve and to assist and to help people become citizens when they are ready. 

QUIZ: Can You Pass the US Citizenship Test?

Good luck on your amazing adventure into citizenship volunteering! If you have more questions, explore the USCIS website and their various resources for preparation of educators and applicants. 

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member