If you are anything like me, then every once in awhile you think about your future and what it will look like. For me, a lot of that revolves around the lucky fella I’ll marry one day. Of course I’m nowhere near ready to get married, but there are certain things I have to take into account when I’m looking to date a guy. Since politics is such a large aspect of my life, a man’s political ideology is something that really matters to me. So here are are a few tips (to be interpreted in a light-hearted, funny way)  on how to find yourself a conservative guy in 10 days:

1. Get involved in conservative clubs at your school.

For those of you in college, these types of organizations are great places to meet people. A lot of times these clubs have special events planned, too!


2. Volunteer for a politician of your choice.

Volunteering allows you to make a ton of connections, along with some new friends. It provides an easy conversation starter and a good story after the fact.


3. Go to a debate watch party.

It’s like the Super Bowl, but for politics. Finally you can see your guy’s chops when it comes to actually discussing policy.


4. Or better yet, host your own debate party!

 You go, you little hostess with the mostess.


5. Make some friends, go on some coffee dates.

After a couple of interactions, hopefully you can work up the courage to plan a coffee or lunch date. This will make for great bonding time and give you a chance to talk about something besides politics–but let’s be real, that’s no fun.


6. Engage in political conversation.

Nothing can match the connection power of one-on-one conversation about something you care about. A lot of times you can learn a good bit, too!


7. Campaign together!

Campaigning is a fun, high energy activity. You can educate other people in the process, as well.


8. Take cute patriotic pictures.

Act like the Reagan and Nancy that you two are bound to become.

9. Show him off the the world.

Because what’s better than a patriotic guy? You can always hook him up with the FFL men’s apparel items too! 


10. Walk forward ready to run the world as the ultimate conservative power couple.

Because, power couples are #Goals.