If you’re a college student and you’re not familiar with LinkedIn, you are truly missing out! LinkedIn is a “social networking site” that allows you to connect with both young and seasoned professionals for every different job field. Through LinkedIn the ability to receive numerous internship offers, job interviews or immediate job offers is more than possible if you are using the site properly. So what can you do to make sure you are connecting with the professionals and companies you want to be connecting with? Follow these tips:

  • Fill out all profile information completely. This sounds like common sense, but the more you add, the more potential employers have to explore. Adding a profile picture and school information and your current location is absolutely necessary. Showcase your volunteer experience, organizations you belong to, and a to-the-point summary of what you’re looking for (ie- “Coachable marketing student seeking internship”).

  • Join groups. People enjoy building their connections with someone who is/was a part of the same organizations. This includes your college groups or other organizations you belong to such as a professional, fraternity or national organizations.

  • Take the time to add your entire resume to your profile. The option to provide past work history and job descriptions on LinkedIn should not be optional to you. With every job you add you are giving yourself the ability to be searched via keywords from potential employers or valuable connections. By adding all work history, employers can see how easily you adapt to different work environments, job titles and how well-rounded you are. When describing your past jobs, be sure to mention the results or statistics your contributed to on the job. This is especially true for any supervisor or management positions. Listing your duties is great, but anyone can follow a list of duties… it’s what resulted from those duties that matters.

  • Follow key influencers. Key influencers, also known as CEOs of major corporations or other extremely successful individuals, use LinkedIn to post professional articles on a variety of topics that are sure to help you in your future career endeavors. Take the time to follow motivational key influencers to make sure you are getting the most out of your time on LinkedIn.

  • Get noticed by your intelligence. Taking the time to read the articles written by key influencers is important, but more importantly is displaying your opinion on the topic discussed and relaying that informed opinion into a comment for the comment section. Professionals enjoy participating in the discussion via commenting on the posts, meaning they take the time to read several comments. If they stumble upon your comment and feel like you had something valuable to contribute to the conversation, they may send you a connection request. Once your intelligence starts to get noticed, job offers are sure to follow.

  • Connect with current employees of the company you want to work for. Connecting with current employees puts your name out there. Once they accept your connection request you should interact with their posts- “like” their job anniversaries and their updates, comment on their posts that signal discussion. If your name becomes recognizable by valuable employees, reaching your dream job becomes a much smaller reach.

  • Build your network everyday. The more active you are, the more you show up as a possible connection to other LinkedIn users. Your activity could just get you noticed by someone looking for someone exactly like you for a position in their company.

  • Endorse the skills of people you have worked with closely. The skills section has the potential to show a lot of what you’re capable of. Having the endorsements of others adds validity. Endorse a couple friends every day. Most friends will return the favor. You’re also increasing your activity levels in the process allowing you to be seen more often!

Take these tips into account when creating your dream job. Keep your profile up to date and keep it active! Your dream job is waiting.