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Over the summer, I was sitting in on a panel held by a center right women’s organization in Washington, D.C. The panel consisted of Republican women ranging widely in age and occupation. I was listening to a panel of women who hold some of the most important roles in our society today: CEO’s of major corporations, U.S. Senators, and moms. It was brought to my attention that many women, who are just as proud to be a Republican as the next, feel as though they need to justify themselves.


Now think about this closely. Have you ever talked to a group of women and said something along the lines of, “I am a Republican… but I believe in ________.” Excuse me, but who made these rules? Why should we have to justify our beliefs and ourselves? I, for one, feel as though I owe nobody an explanation for my political beliefs.


First things first: drop the “but”. There is no reason that you, a female member of the GOP, should ever feel the need to explain yourself. I am tired of hearing that the Democratic Party is the party for “women” and “women’s rights”. I am tired of hearing about how only liberals work for women.

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Please define what a woman’s issue is, because as far as I’m concerned, every issue is a women’s issue. I don’t need unnecessary policies that are going to accumulate as fast as the federal government’s power has. The Equal Pay Act, for example, would put unnecessary regulations on my salary and hinder my chances of being financially rewarded if I were to be the best at what I do.

I am a Republican, because I believe in prioritizing foreign relations, homeland security, and the economy over social issues. That is not to say that all Republican women are completely against socially liberal issues, because some of us are not. I am a Republican, because I work towards freedom. I work towards a smaller government. I work towards states’ rights. I work towards protecting this country during acts of terror. The GOP is the people’s party, because the GOP spends its time working on issues that are detrimental to everyone.

Here’s to dropping the ‘but’ and being a proud Republican woman.

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