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The Women’s March in DC was held this past weekend on January 19, 2019. I must say, majority of the signs had way too many images of ovaries, uteruses, or female genitalia in general.

As a woman, I am so sick of being reduced to my reproductive organs. It’s not even men reducing me to these things, it’s women. It’s women screaming at me going “you’re voting against your own parts” or saying things like “my lady parts have a voice of their own.” In fact, saying things like “I’m not ovary-reacting” is reducing yourself to the very thing that you don’t want others to define you as.

I am so much more than my reproductive organs.

I have a heart.

I have a brain.

I have a moral compass.

I have passions.

I have goals.

I have individual thoughts.

Why is my reproductive organs the only thing people can talk to me about?

I’m constantly hearing, as a Republican women, about how poorly the GOP treats women or how they want women barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen. It’s not true. I have never had a Republican man tell me that I can’t do something because of my gender. On the other hand, I constantly have people from the opposite side of the aisle telling me that I can’t accomplish something because of my gender. I am reminded of how “burdening” it is to be a woman yet I have literally never been told that by anyone in my party. In fact, I beat out males for my job. I wasn’t hired to meet a quota; I was hired because I was a better candidate.

It’s one thing to be marching for women’s rights, even though they severely neglect to address issues women are facing globally like female genital mutilation, being stoned for being raped, being sold in sex trafficking from ages as young as 9. It’s another to be calling all women victims of a patriarchal society when women are doing better than they ever have been. Contrary to popular belief and outrage culture, women have gotten paid the same as men for the same work since 1963.

Can we be honest about why these women are marching? Trump. They are marching because they don’t like the president. I truly don’t mind this because I agree that many of Trump’s comments are degrading towards women and passed by many as “locker room” talk, but let’s not pretend that women are the biggest victims in society when there are LGBTQ+ youth who are taking their lives because of the level of bullying they face.

There are mosques and synagogues alike being vandalized and their members fear walking to and from their places of worship.

There are young teens and sometimes children being sold into sex trafficking right in our hometowns.

Women can be angry at Trump for his comments, but reducing all women to their reproductive organs is the opposite of female empowerment.

I see myself, and all women, as so much more than that.

I am a strong-willed woman.

Yes, I vote Republican. (Which is okay, believe it or not.)

I am a leader.

I am a daughter.

I am a Christian.

I am a hard worker.

I am maternal in nature.

I am an LGBTQ+ ally.

I am a criminal justice reform advocate.

I am a believer in science; therefore, I believe in climate change and I am pro-life.

I am powerful.

Again, I am a woman.

My reproductive organs make a real-life superhero and they aren’t a burden.

I refuse to be reduced to that when I am so much more.

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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