Image Credits: Robbie Short / Yale Daily News

I am a student at Yale University.  We are consistently profiled in the national news for our liberal professors, liberal students, and protest culture. Last year, we were the focus on constant coverage over a Halloween email from a professor and false allegations of racist fraternity parties.  But on Wednesday, November 9th, my campus became something even worse. It became a place of hatred as my peers, and my professors, refused to look outside of their liberal thought bubble.  They refused to realize that democracy had elected Donald Trump.  They seem to forget there is nothing they can do about it now.

It started shortly after midnight, when some leaders of a pre-orientation program and outdoor group organized a “primal” scream on Cross Campus, one of our “quads.” These young adults, that fought tooth and nail to be able to attend a university that accepts only 6% of their applicants, were so shaken by what was happening in the polls that they went outside, into an area where no doubt people were trying to sleep or do their homework and SCREAMED. What did this release of clear anger do? Did it change the election results? No. Did it make anyone truly feel better? I doubt it.

While the results came in, I watched with my fellow Yalies.  Many of whom I watched with were visibly upset. There were many tears.  It was hard to tell who was angry, sad, scared, frustrated, et cetera. Many of this students were wearing #ImWithHer shirts. The next day, I didn’t see a single one of those shirts. I like to think they are buried in the bottom of someone’s hamper with the rest of their liberal regalia, but I’m probably wrong.

Though it might come as a surprise, here at Yale University, we have work. We have tests and papers and problem sets due.  The problem with having the election on a Tuesday is that you have class on a Wednesday. Of course, some people immediately called on Yale to cancel classes Wednesday, which luckily they didn’t. Many courses, specifically ECON115 and BIO102 and 104 had exams scheduled for Wednesday, November 9th. These dates had been scheduled since the semester started. It was not a surprise to anyone. The liberal snowflakes immediately started writing passionate Facebook statuses and emails begging their professors to move the exams and deadlines because they were “emotionally distraught” over the results of the election. The ECON115 professor caved and made the midterm exam “optional.”

Here at Yale, if you need an extension or to take an exam at another time you get a Dean’s Excuse.  What is a Dean’s Excuse? It is a piece of paper from your residential college dean saying you are too sick to take the test or other circumstance.  Therefore your paper is going to be later, et cetera. It is not easy to get a Dean’s Excuse. You don’t get one because your boyfriend broke up with you or you have a cold. They are used sparingly. So color no one surprised when snowflakes started asking for Dean’s excuses on Wednesday and were denied. People then threw an even bigger fit, claiming that the university did not care about its students and their mental health.

The Dean of Academic Affairs snapped back with, “Dean’s excuses are not designed to respond to reactions, howsoever deeply felt or unsettling, to an event such as a national election.”

The university’s Chaplains Office sent out an email at 10:21 AM on November 9th that simply said “If you are seeking a place for quiet, for prayer, for healing,  Battell Chapel will be open today from 11am to 7pm.” Would they have opened the church to accommodate students upset by a Hillary Clinton victory? I don’t think so. For the record, last week, when two Yale College undergraduate died in two unrelated ways, we did not receive an email from the Chaplain’s Office about Battell being open for prayer and reflection.

Shortly before 2PM on the Day of Doom, as students were acting like November 9th was, the Yale College Dean sent out an email reminding people of the mental health resources on campus. Thankfully, the Dean reminded us It’s a time to respect each other” though you can bet your tuition that most liberal students on my university thought that mean that everyone should respect LIBERALS.   They did not think it included the conservatives and Republicans on campus as well.

One of the only saving graces on November 9th came from my Law, Technology, and Culture professor who wrote in a message to the class “I know a number of people are devastated (and a number of you that are thrilled are hiding it). To the former: the sun came up this morning, the markets mostly rebounded, and life goes on.” He took time out of class to do not what most professors did, which was whine and mope and complain about democracy, but to remind every single person in the room that the sun will come out tomorrow, the rule of law will not let anyone president ruin the country, and that they need to give Trump a chance to prove himself good or bad in the White House. This teacher knows I am a Republican.  He spoke to me before class about how I was feeling. It is so hard to find professors who don’t agree with you ideologically, but think you deserve to be respected on a liberal campus. I am so grateful for this professor who goes out of his way to criticize the liberal Yale elites for being intolerant towards conservatives I am thankful for this professor offering the girl who dared to come to class in a red elephant skirt a big smile.

I have no doubt that much of my campus was upset by the outcome of this presidential election. But I have no doubt that that was going to apply to some people on this campus no matter who won. If Clinton had won, this campus would be blazing with celebration parties, not funerals.  Students on the right would not be allowed to cry in class, turn in papers late, or skip midterms. The hypocrisy on this campus has reached a peak.  I am so glad I only have a year and a half left here. Eventually, we will all graduate and have to go out into the real world, where not everyone will be a liberal ideologue that thinks Trump is Hitler.  I don’t think my snowflake classmates are going to fair very well.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member