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op·pres·sion (noun): unjust or cruel exercise of authority or power

If a man opens a door for you, you are not oppressed. If he pulls the chair out for you at dinner, you are not oppressed. If a man compliments your looks, you are not oppressed; he is just being polite. Terms like mansplaining, manspreading, and manslamming should not be in anyone’s vocabulary.

As a woman from the United States of America, I am not oppressed. I live in a land full of freedom and opportunity and no one is forcing me to do anything against my will. Radical feminists, extreme left-wingers, and the mainstream media have been forcing the myth of oppression down our throats for years, when in fact the real oppression is found in other countries.

Contrary to popular belief, oppression is not the new culture trend. It is a serious epidemic…just not in the United States. Oppression can be spotted by some very obvious signs, like torture, dehumanization, being sold at an auctions, or being forced to leave your home when you are on your period. Of course no woman deserves to be treated like this. So where are the radical feminists when it comes to advocating for these women’s rights? When we take a critical look at oppression around the world, American women often mistake oppression for being privileged. They should not be counting themselves in the category where their God-given gender restricts them from being thought of as equal. It has been well over 90 years since the 19th Amendment has passed, you know, the one that granted women the right to vote, yet somehow feminists are still claiming that women are being undermined by men. Instead of moving forward and lifting themselves up, they are being held down by the tyranny of their emotions and faulty opinions.

It’s not entirely their fault, though. When popular modern “feminist” advocates such as Robin Morgan make statements like,I feel that ‘man-hating’ is an honorable and viable political act,” what kind of message does that send to society, especially young women? Some feminists are trying to teach vulnerable girls that men despise them and do not respect them, and that women should hate men back. I have never once felt victimized or targeted by a man because of my gender. This cycle of hatred simply causes more problems in our society and does nothing to fix the issue that feminists claim exist. All of the liberal nonsense floating around is causing our country to decline rapidly, when we could be focusing our efforts on the women overseas who truly face oppression.

Nonetheless, it’s our fault for praising these women who cause a lot of commotion over absolutely nothing. Women are now more educated and well off in our country, all because of hard work and dedication. Many women already hold the key to success; they just have to learn how to use it effectively. If you seriously want to help the oppressed, I would suggest researching other countries issues and trying to get to the root of those issues. You will not have any luck finding much oppression in America.

And remember: Not wanting to talk about periods or pay for your birth control, does not equal oppression.

Sydney H
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