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Multiple sexual assault and misconduct allegations have been made against the Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh in recent weeks. Yesterday, the first woman to accuse him of sexual assault, Dr. Ford, testified in front of Congress and bravely told her story. Ford came across as open, honest, and recounted her story to the best of her ability.

Unfortunately, that’s the problem. Dr. Ford’s story lacks details necessary to corroborate her story.

Judge Kavanaugh has not systematically abused women. In fact, he claims he has never abused women. In his testimony yesterday, he “categorically and unequivocally” denies these allegations. He denies even being at the party or any party like it. Mark Judge, his friend who was allegedly in the room while Dr. Ford was being allegedly assaulted, denies seeing “Brett act in the manner Dr. Ford describes.”  Also, two men have come forward and claimed to being the men described in Dr. Ford’s story.  Lastly, after yesterday’s testimony, Rachel Mitchell, the prosecutor hired to question Dr. Ford said she would not prosecute Brett Kavanaugh based on the evidence given in both testimonies. 

Apparently, to many, none of this matters. It doesn’t matter that Dr. Ford can’t remember important details of the alleged assault. It doesn’t matter that Brett Kavanaugh denies these allegations. It doesn’t matter that there seems to be no corroboration. In the courts of the United States, the burden of proof is on the state to prove a citizen is guilty. In the courts of public opinion, it is up to the citizen to prove he is innocent. When we try crimes in the court of public opinion, proper justice is not served.

Let’s be real. The Democrats in the Senate are furious because a President they don’t like has been given the opportunity to nominate not one, but now two SCOTUS nominees and they don’t have the votes to block it. If they really cared about sexual assault survivors, they would advocate for  due process. If they really cared about victims of sexual assault, Feinstein would have asked Kavanaugh about these allegations when she received the letter from Dr. Ford on July 30th. Instead, she sat on the letter for almost two months. Instead, the allegations are being weaponized by the Democrats to energize their base for the midterms. 

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The left likes to tell young women we can be anything and do anything we want, unless we think differently, or dare to be a young conservative women. But, the left, and the way they’ve handled this, doesn’t speak for all women. It is possible to believe both that Dr. Ford has been sexually assaulted and that Kavanaugh wasn’t that one that sexually assaulted her. It is possible to stand with and support women who share their stories of sexual assault and misconduct yet still trust the process and want Kavanaugh to be confirmed. Advocating for due process doesn’t mean anti-woman. These ideas are not mutually exclusive, despite what the left would have us believe. 

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