If we were intolerant liberals, this would be about the time I would give you a “trigger warning.” I’m going to be tough and real in these next few paragraphs, but it needs to be said.  If we continue to fight among ourselves, we will lose election after election after election for years to come. The Democrats, while supporting different candidates, at least present a semi-united front. Us Republicans, on the other hand, air out our dirty laundry for everyone to mock and see. How in the world do we expect to win an election when all we can do is undermine each other? Where is the support and positivity? We’ve really shown our worst throughout this presidential election and to be frank, no one’s hands are clean.  Regardless of who becomes our nominee, how he does it, or whether you’re a fan of him or not, every last person in consideration should be ashamed of their behavior in the last fifteen months. It was honestly embarrassing during debate season to watch the men that want to lead this country and party into the future act like high school girls. I mean, come on, what do you think their own mothers think? 

It’s not just the prominent figures in the GOP though, it’s the average Twitter user getting into arguments with somebody who supports a different candidate. From Trump supporters to Cruz supporters to Rubio supporters and so on–we’re all guilty of this offense. We all have been in an argument at some point with a fellow conservative, arguing over candidate choice. While we don’t always have to agree, there has to come a point to where we say “Okay, enough is enough. This person essentially believes what I believe, they just want to go about it a different way.” This ideology probably belongs in an unpopular opinion Twitter thread, but it’s the only way our party and our movement will survive. Certainly, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion,  but there has to be recognition that we are all essentially on the same team.

Why? Why do we do this? Is it really worth it? It’s starting to become apparent that some of us don’t understand the consequences at hand if we keep bickering like toddlers on the playground. Not only will the GOP and conservative movement crumble from within, but any chance at the White House, congressional races, etc. will be trampled by Hillary’s–or even worse, Bernie’s–overwhelming support from people in their own party. Sure, we could get our chance in four more long, boundless, years, but honestly who knows what kind of damage a Democrat would do to our country and our world by then? All of that combined with the heavy burden of more and more fighting about who’s to blame for this loss, the conservative movement will ultimately break up. I shouldn’t have to sit here and remind everyone to play nice, but here I am. Democrats think it’s so entertaining to watch us go at it. Why are we fueling their fire?

It’s time to stop fighting among ourselves and try and reach a mutual consensus. It’s going to take time, effort, understanding and patience; however, Rome was not built in a day, people. Instead of picking at each other, let’s focus our power onto the real threat at hand. We may not believe and support what every other conservative thinks. We may disagree on every little thing from foreign policy to poverty to climate change; nonetheless, is fighting among each other really the solution? I think not, and I know we can do better as a movement.

Madison B
FFL Contributor
Madison is a blonde southern girl who believes in small governement, loving America, and having your highlight on at all times. Succeeding without special treatment, she describes herself as "Elle Woods, but like Conservative", finding an excuse to wear red, white, and blue as often as possible.

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