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The newest member to the Women’s Rights Committee is….Iran. So here is a list of times Iran completely stomped on women’s rights.

1) The news of Iran’s addition to the Women’s Rights Committee comes on the heels of Iranian court sentencing a prominent Iranian lawyer to 38 years and 148 lashes because she protested the mandatory head scarf law, insulting the supreme leader, and alleged corruption and prostitution.

2) Article 157 of Iran’s penal code states that a man’s testimony is worth twice as much as a woman’s. On top of that, women can not testify in certain types of cases.

3) “Those women that appear in the streets and public places without the Islamic hijab shall be sentenced to prison or fined as a punishment to pay some money to superior authorities.” –Article 63 of the Iranian penal code.

4) Article 1133 of the Iranian penal code states that a man can divorce a woman for whatever reason and whenever. 

5) On top of a man being able to divorce for any reason under the sun, Article 1168 of the Iranian penal code states that child’s legal rights goes to the father or the paternal grandfather. Mother gets custody unless the father wishes for the children to remain with him or his family. 

6) Women aren’t allowed to attend public football stadiums. 

7) The age of marriage for girls…that’s right, GIRLS, in Iran is 13. THIRTEEN. 

8) Oh yeah, and their fathers and grandfathers can get permission from judges to have their daughters or granddaughters married off younger than 13. 

9) Some consensual same sex sexual conduct is punishable by death. 

10) On August 14, 2017, Iran sentenced a women’s rights activist and a photojournalist, Alieh Matlabzadeh, to three years in prison because she sat on a women’s empowerment panel in Georgia – not even within the borders of their own country. 

11) Iranian law forbids censorship unless the message that is being spread is considered “damaging.” Some of the “damaging” information includes discussions of women’s rights, minority rights, government corruption, and mistreatment of detainees. 

12) All films that were contained women’s rights, alcoholism, drug abuse, “unethical behavior”, and secularism are banned. 

13) You have the right to assemble but only if they don’t violate the principles of Islam. 

14) Women are required to have male supervision or permission to travel alone, even outside of the house. 

15) Women may not serve as the supreme leader, presider, judges in certain courts, nor can they serve as members of the Assembly of Experts, the Guardian Council, or Expediency Council. 

16) Iranian law requires that four Muslim men or a combination of three Muslim men and two women or two Muslim men and four Muslim women, to have witnesses a rape. 

17) Iranian law does not prohibit domestic violence. Authorities because that domestic violence situations shouldn’t be made public and that it’s a private family matter. 

18) “There are no know government efforts” to address sexual harassment. 

19) Women must ride in permitted sections of public transportation and some women must used separate entrances from the men. 

20) When it comes to family inheritance, the men get twice as much as the women. 

Reading about Iran’s continued discrimination against women makes it even harder to believe that they are allowed to sit on a committee where violations of human rights against women are to be heard.

People need to pay more attention. We should be holding the UN accountable for their continued appointments of some of the most human rights violating countries to committees where membership and treatment of peoples matters most.

Caroline C.
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