Happy Friday! The FFL team has been busy this week between releasing a new product line to obsessing over the new Taylor Swift album. Fear not, because we still want to celebrate the awesome things Republican women did this week! Here’s the latest:

Harris Faulkner Hosts First Prime-time Event on Fox News

On Sunday, Faulkner hosted her first special event on Fox News. The Outnumbered co-host and Outnumbered Overtime host led a discussion on race relations and civil unrest on Harris Faulkner Presents: The Fight For America. This assignment follows her high-profile interview with President Trump in mid-June. She has been praised by journalists on the left and right for striking a fair balance when interviewing high-profile figures. We are very excited to see more from Faulkner!

Senior Advisor Ivanka Trump Visits Colorado to Celebrate Landmark Environment Legislation

On Thursday, Ivanka Trump spoke alongside Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt to celebrate the passage of the Great American Outdoors Act. The GAOA was passed by the House on Thursday after being passed in the Senate earlier this summer. The bill, spearheaded by Colorado Senator Cory Gardner, solidifies funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund and provides money to end the National Parks Service’s maintenance backlog.

Senators McSally and Blackburn Introduce Legislation to Hold China Accountable

Senators Martha McSally (R-AZ) and Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) joined Senators Tom Cotton (R-AR), Josh Hawley (R-MO), Mike Rounds (R-SD), and Thom Tills (R-NC) this week to introduce the “Civil Justice for Victims of COVID Act”. The legislation would allow citizens affected by COVID to sue the Chinese government for their involvement in the spread of COVID-19. More details about the bill can be found here.

Rep. Stefanik Celebrates Record-Breaking GOP Women Recruitment and Impressive Fundraising Haul

A tweet from Stefanik this week highlighted the fact that there are more women running for Congress than ever before and almost double the amount of GOP women as compared to 2018. A total of 574 women have filed to run for House of Representatives and another 58 have filed for U.S. Senate, a 20% increase from 2018. For Republican women specifically, 246 women have filed for office, up from 142 in 2018. Stefanik also announced that Elevate PAC (E-PAC) has raised over $750,000 this year to support female Republican candidates. As of the writing of this article, 19 of 21 E-PAC endorsed candidates have made it through their respective primaries. 

Sen. Loeffler Introduces Legislation To Crack Down on Gang Activity

On Wednesday, Senator Kelly Loeffler announced her newest legislation, the “Cracking Down on Gangs and Deporting Criminals Act”. It is designed to update federal gang statutes and repeal restrictions on deporting illegal immigrants who participate in gang activity. This bill is in response to many of the riots our country has been seeing in recent months. 

Janice Dean Published Op-Ed Detailing NY Gov’s Nursing Home Failure

Senior Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean has been detailing the heartbreaking details of the death of her in-laws on Twitter, but she published a long-form piece this week in USA Today laying out all of the details. Her husband’s parents contracted COVID-19 in their Brooklyn nursing home and passed away two weeks apart. Dean has been a voice for those who lost family members due to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s disastrous policies.

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