Image Credits: March For Life

Later this week, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world will gather in our nation’s capital at the March for Life to stand up for all life, and be a voice for those who have no voice, the unborn. Amidst freezing temperatures and unpredictable weather, men and women, young and old, will come together as one to advocate for the smallest and most vulnerable members of our society. Speakers such as Vice President Mike Pence, Ben Shapiro, and Pam Tebow, mother of former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, are just a few to have graced the stage of the largest pro-life event in the world.

But the Mainstream Media will barely utter a peep about the event that has drawn millions over the years since its inception in 1974. Apparently to CNN, The Washington Post, and MSNBC, believing that every human has the right to life is a radical, extremist idea. And they would have you believe that only a select few oppose the killing of babies. “A few crazy old Catholics,” is what they would like you to believe. But we know this isn’t true.

Contrary to popular belief, Millennials and Generation Z members are more pro-life than any who have come before them. We are fighting to take back the belief that a woman is only powerful when she kills her baby.

Just take a look at the biggest pro-life organizations in America for proof.

Lila Rose, currently 31, started Live Action when she was just 15 years old. S

tudents for Life helps students get involved with the pro-life movement as early as the middle school years.

Young people today are on fire, fighting and standing up for unborn babies. We are driven by a fierce desire to save babies and make sure that no woman ever feels she must turn to abortion. No longer are we allowing Planned Parenthood to lie to women, telling them that they can only be successful in life by killing their children. No longer will a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy feel she has no other choice besides abortion.

The Mainstream Media still tries to claim that they are unbiased and only report the facts. This is laughable. When is the last time you heard them report on a pro-life event, whether it be a demonstration or legislation, positively, or even at all?  And when they do mention something, they can’t even bring themselves to say “pro-life,” rather, we are just “anti-choice.” Only an event showing the multitudes of individuals who are against abortion would garner such blatant ignorance and denial from these left-wing machines. But of course they’ll cover the Women’s March, right?

The Mainstream Media is afraid to cover the March for Life because they’re afraid that if they do, America will see the truth. The truth that it’s not just a few grandmas carrying rosary beads and worn out signs. It’s young people, the future of the world. The crowd is made up of future politicians, lawyers, doctors, journalists. The ones who will have the power to rid the world of this anti-woman, anti-science, anti-love, act of murder.

It is high time the Mainstream Media stops ignoring the March for Life and all other pro-life causes. Their comeuppance is fast approaching. We will call them out, we will spread the news on our own, and we will keep fighting for the most important right of all, the right to life.

Maggie is a conservative high school schooler from New Hampshire. She loves America fiercely, especially our precious freedoms. When she’s not talking about politics or pro-life issues, you can catch her watching Parks and Rec, rereading anything Jane Austen, or cheering on her beloved New England Patriots!

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