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Ivanka Trump’s new book, Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success, releases tomorrow, May 2nd. The book will cover identifying opportunities, shifting careers smoothly, negotiating, leading teams, starting companies, managing work and family, and helping change the system to make it better for women—now and in the future, according to the summary on Amazon. To comply with government ethics rules, Ivanka recently announced she will not do a book tour and the proceeds from the book will go to charities committed to empowering and educating women and girls.

In an exclusive excerpt released by Fortune, she knocks down the notion that every working woman has to be poised, glamorous, and polished at all times, stating:

I began to wonder whether I had been doing women who work a disservice by not owning the reality that, because I’ve got an infant, I’m in my bathrobe at 7 a.m. and there’s pureed avocado all over me. I realized that it might be helpful in changing the narrative—even in a small way—to, for example, debunk the superwoman myth by posting a photo that my husband candidly snapped of me digging in the garden with the kids in our backyard, my hair in a messy ponytail, dirt on my cheek. I’ve been careful not to pretend it’s easy because it is not.

In fact, Trump acknowledges work-life balance doesn’t quite exist and something all working women struggle with. Before her father became president, she was a mother, executive vice president of development and acquisitions at the Trump Organization, and CEO of her own company, the Ivanka Trump Collection and Now, she serves as a special assistant to the President. She shares how actively planning a routine helps establish some sort of balance, stating:

If I am negotiating a major partnership, I might work three weeks straight. If I’m planning a work trip, I know not to book something the night before I leave or after I return because I want to spend time with my family. Then I have other moments, like if one of the kids is sick, that completely change the dynamic of the day (or the week!). It’s about taking a bigger-picture approach and creating a routine that works for you and your family.

Sometimes it’s hard to admit that we’re not superwomen, no matter how much we want to be… not even Ivanka Trump. Keep your eyes peeled for a full review of the book by FFL in the coming days. Buy your copy of Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success here or wherever books are sold.

To read the full excerpt of the book, head over to Fortune.

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