After a long, drawn out wait, Joe Biden finally announced his running mate on August 11,2020. 

Like a leaked Politico article said he would, the former VP picked California Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate. Harris also ran against Biden for the Democratic nomination before dropping out in December 2019. Harris formerly served as Attorney General of California and the District Attorney of San Francisco. She was first elected to the Senate in 2016. 

Harris was widely considered to be a top pick for Biden. She is 55, still in her first term in the United States Senate. and on numerous committees, but many were concerned about her previous attacks on Biden. The two seem to have worked through them though. If elected, Harris would be the first female Vice President. 

Other contenders for the position included Susan Rice, Rep.Karen Bass, and reportedly Michelle Obama — though we have our doubts.  Biden has promised early on in 2020 that he would choose a female running mate, but his final decision came only weeks before the virtual Democratic National Convention where he would formally accept the nomination. 

Biden and Harris will face Trump and Pence this fall, and I know we’re all looking forward to watching Pence and Harris go toe to toe in vice presidential debates. 

President Trump immediately responded to Biden’s announcement with a tweet featuring an anti-Kamala video.

This November sure will be interesting, won’t it?

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member