I have always been behind the idea that we need more Republican women representing us on local, state, and national levels. I think Republican women are the backbone of this party and it’s about time that we had women representing Republican women instead of letting men speak for us all the time.

That being said, I am not voting for a woman simply because she is a woman. That goes against everything I believe. I want qualified, proven Republican women. If I believe that a man is more suited for the job because of their experience then I am voting for the man. If I agree with the man more than the female, I am going to vote for the man. 

I don’t think your gender qualifies you for a position in public service. I think hard work and passion for the movement and proven commitment to the movement are what sway my decisions the most. 

For instance, there is currently a race in Eastern NC between a man who is currently a state representative and outsider female. With no disrespect for the woman running because she is such a good conservative, the male running has a proven record of his conservative actions and has been dealing with lobbyists and understands the process a little better than an outsider so I trust him to go up there, cut through the mayhem that is Washington, and believe that he understands the process of how to best represent his district without a learning curve. 

I especially don’t like the idea behind Republican women turning into the kind of people that dislike men in power simply because they’re men. I have rarely, if ever, been misrepresented as a Republican woman when I’ve been represented by a man. 

Again, this isn’t to say women aren’t great leaders. They are.  I do agree that there need to be more Republican women. I want qualified leaders across the board, not people who are voted in based on gender, religion, etc.

Vote for the qualified candidate. Always.

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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