Keeping your work life organized not only makes your day-to-day operations easier and more efficient, but it also will show your coworkers and your boss that they can depend on you. If a project or report were to fall through the cracks because of disorganization on your part, it will only reflect poorly on you. Make sure that doesn’t happen by implementing these easy steps to organize your work life.

  1. Make lists

This tip is vital for organization. Whether you prefer a running list in a notebook/planner or daily to-do lists on sticky notes, keeping lists written down rather than in your head will help immensely when you’re scrambling on a busy day and need to remember your must-do tasks. I also like to prioritize my lists. What needs to absolutely be done by the end of the day? What can wait until the end of this week? Write a #1, #2, #3, etc. next to your tasks so you know which project to start next.

  1. Create a home/on-the-go list

I am a victim of not being able to keep work just at work. I will wake up at 2 am and remember something I need to get done the next day. The notepad app on my phone has become a life saver with a designated list to write down these 2am thoughts. I’m always sure to check this list the next day to add anything to the sticky note on my desk, further insuring important tasks don’t go overlooked.

  1. Keep a phone or address list nearby

I like to keep my important phone numbers easily accessible right by the phone along with sticky notes of my company’s address or other important addresses I might need. If someone on the phone needs them in a hurry, they’ll be right there for you to pass along without scrambling through files or emails and seeming flustered or flighty. People might not always pick up on your organization, but they will almost always notice when the organization is lacking.

  1. File organization

This might seem obvious, but keep your filing cabinets, desk-top trays, and filing folders organized and tailored to you. If you’re moving into someone’s old desk and everything was organized according to the previous desk tenant, set aside time to take everything out, assess the contents, and reorganize it to whatever makes the most sense in your mind. Be sure to use lots of manila folders, labeled to your liking. Have a clear, logical layout for your files and drawers. You’ll be able to find that important document in no time when your boss asks for it.

  1. No clutter

This somewhat goes hand-in-hand with the bed-making rule; If your bed is made, you’re likely to feel like your life is more together than if it’s not made. If your work space is clean and clutter-free, you’re definitely more likely to feel as though your day is organized. This will allow you to face the next project head-on. If not, your mind will be cluttered. Trust me, you won’t be able to work as efficiently. Take a few minutes before tackling the next item on your list to tidy up.

  1. Keep computer files tidy

Organization doesn’t just mean physical organization. Going through your computer files and inbox emails, creating appropriate folders, and putting files into their spot will clean things up nicely and help you find what you need in much less time than if everything is in one big folder.

  1. Keep calendars up to date

Not only is the daily grind keeping us well occupied, but our personal activities can make scheduling difficult. It’s important to keep our lives all in one place, or in one calendar. This is easily accomplished with a calendar app. There are other calendar apps that have cool features to hold all of your life organization in one place. One of my favorites is Cozi. How many times have you tried to plan something away from your wall calendar or planner at home and can’t commit because you’re not sure what your schedule looks like? Keeping an all-accessible calendar (and keeping it very up-to-date and detailed!) will make your life and work scheduling a breeze.

Work life organization is so important for many reasons, but the most important being for your own benefit, and your own sanity. Cut down on the stress of keeping it all together by starting with these 7 easy tips.

Emilie N
Emilie is an FFL Cabinet Member from the upper Midwest. She loves her mama, loves Jesus, and America, too. When she's not cheering on the Minnesota Vikings or obsessing over the Olympics, you can find her watching Friends or petting a dog.

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