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Kim Kardashian made headlines last year when she worked with President Trump, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, and Congress to get the First Step Act signed into law. This legislation was widely considered the most influential criminal justice reform legislation in a generation. The First Step Act helps inmates turn their life around with rehabilitation and educational programs, greater opportunities for familial support, better treatment of women in prisons,and other critical reforms. Now, Kim K is proving she is not done helping those who our criminal justice system has too long forgotten.

At a White House event yesterday, Kim Kardashian and President Trump announced a partnership with Lyft to provide formerly incarcerated people with ride credits to attend job interviews, go to work, and visit family.

In addition to the ride sharing program, the Trump administration announced a new project working to allow people with criminal records to apply for subsidized housing and federal government jobs. The Bureau of Prisons will now work directly with employers to help former inmates secure jobs once they are released.

The White House also announced a Department of Labor program awarding support bonds to companies who hire workers with criminal backgrounds and a Department of Education program allowing individuals in prison to receive pell grants to further their education while incarcerated.

Ultimately, the White House is working with the private sector and non-profits groups to help incarcerated people transition from life behind bars to life in society. Too often these people are viewed as criminals who can never change. Thanks to efforts by Kim Kardashian, that perception is changing.

As conservatives, it is important that we realize how inhumane and fiscally irresponsible it is to maintain negative perceptions about people behind bars. Seeing incarcerated people as a problem rather than an opportunity fuels the problem.

Research overwhelmingly supports that without access to community programs, family support, and work opportunities people who once landed in prison will likely go right back. This means more crimes are committed and more communities are unsafe, not less.

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It is with this understanding that Kim Kardashian is also funding the 90 Days of Freedom Campaign, led by Brittant Barnett and MiAngel Cody, which has already commuted the sentences of 17 inmates incarcerated for nonviolent drug offenses.

Rather than dismissing people with criminal records, Kim Kardashian is looking for ways the private sector and the government can work together to give these people the second chance we all deserve. Kim K is emulating the idea that anyone can turn their life around at any point to become productive and inspiring members of society.