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If you’re not already on the podcast train, now is definitely your time to jump on it. A new podcast is here and it’s right up our alley.

Today, Kimberly Corban and Kirsta Rinehart launched a new podcast called “Life As She Knows It.” Corban is a sexual assault survivor and educational and motivational speaker. Rinehart works in criminal justice. Together, they make a dynamic podcast duo. According to the website, the podcast is described as

Criminal justice work wives turned besties needed an excuse to get together every week in yoga pants to drink wine, so you’re welcome. Talking serious issues, doling out advice they wish they’d taken and snort-laughing at inappropriate times makes this highly relatable duo the big sisters you never had.

Kimberly tells FFL that their main goal of the podcast is to reach the women that “know the feeling of enjoying a song, TV show, etc. and suddenly get bombarded with political messaging that conservative women don’t necessarily agree with (Hello, Scandal). We wanted to create a place to talk about important issues to young women, where listeners won’t be shamed into a narrative or the way the left wants you to vote. Our goal is to appeal to independent crowd of young women, even though we both have conservative leanings.”

Get ready, ladies. The first episode drops TOMORROW! To learn more about the podcast and to subscribe, click here. If you love it, don’t forget to leave a review and use hashtag #LASKIpodcast on social media!

Amanda O