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I want to take a moment to thank you for all of your love and outpouring of support over the last year. The meet and greet FFL hosted for me at CPAC was overwhelming. It made my heart beyond full to hear how much this message of perseverance has impacted you all. Each time I get an opportunity to meet any of you in person or interact on social media, I am reminded of just how incredible you are as individuals.

As a collective, you are unstoppable. YOU are the voices and minds of this great nation as we all move forward and I am beyond humbled to have met so many of you. I beam with pride each time I see what Amanda and each one of you young women are accomplishing together. Had FFL been around when I was growing up, it may have provided me an outlet at an earlier age to mature and become who I was meant to be all along. This group embodies strength, confidence, and grace in the face of opposition.

You are strong role models for little girls everywhere, including my own, and I can’t wait to see the astonishing things you are destined to achieve.

Until the next time, ladies. Keep your heads, standards, and heels high!


Kimberly Corban grew up in Greeley, Colorado and still has the pleasure of calling the Rocky Mountain state home. In May of 2006, Kimberly’s life was irrevocably changed when a stranger broke in to her college-area apartment, held her there for two hours, and raped her. She immediately reported the crime to authorities and served as the key witness in her attacker’s trial, successfully garnering a sexual assault conviction. 

Following the jury’s guilty verdict, Kimberly made the brave and courageous decision to release her name to the media with the goal of saving even just one victim, providing them the courage to come forward as well. Over the past several years, this has proven to be a rewarding yet tireless effort to educate the public on sexual assault and the impacts these crimes have on so many survivors. She has presented to numerous advocate groups, high schools and colleges, justice professionals, and various government agencies internationally on sexual assaults, using her case as an illustration for how the criminal justice system should work. 

As a graduate student at the University of Northern Colorado, her and her fellow students’ right to continue to concealed carry on their college campuses came under fire in 2013. She knew she had to take action and get involved in the fight to protect our second amendment rights. What started as a testimony in front of her state officials exploded into a national conversation on victimization and self-defense. In 2016, Kimberly confronted President Obama on CNN’s nationally televised town hall “Guns in America”, asking him why he couldn’t see that his gun control policies were actually make her and her children less safe. Her unwavering voice in the face of adversity has earned her praise as “the modern face of gun rights” from some of America’s top politicos. 

Kimberly has been featured on many major news networks including CNN, Fox News, NRA News, and The Blaze. She often lends her voice to multiple syndicated radio programs and print media to include The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Elle Magazine,, the New York Times, and countless other online publications. She is a contributor to Bearing Arms, Conservative Review, and is a regular commentary guest on the NRA News program Cam & Company.  

A mother to two young children, Kimberly stays plenty active and has no shame in singing Disney songs at full volume with her son and daughter. She hates running yet does it anyway, loves all things that have to do with llamas, is a serious movie quoting buff, and is not very sarcastic.

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