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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and FFL wants to give back to women who have fought and will fight this disease by donating 50% of the proceeds from our Think Pink line to Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

There are a lot of foundations and groups out there that claim to donate to breast cancer research and support for those affected. As with any issue, there are also a lot of miscommunications with donors about where exactly that money goes and what it is used for. BCRF isn’t one of those organizations. There is as reason we have chosen it specifically to give to this October. To help you understand why, here’s a bit to know about BCRF and the work they do.

In 1993, Evelyn Lauder, a breast cancer survivor, and a friend, Doctor Larry Norton, founded the Breast Cancer Research Fund to change the way that we approached breast cancer: not as a scary unknown, but as a mountain to conquer with the use of research and improved scientific methods.  They believed that funding was the only thing standing between breast cancer and a cure. They were going to do whatever they could to raise those funds.

Current president and CEO of BCRF, Myra Biblowit says, “Our goal is to accelerate the breakthroughs bringing us closer to a cure to speed up the progress that will improve survivorship and quality of life for breast cancer patients today.”

In the years since its founding, BCRF has raised over half a billion dollars for breast cancer research. Those funds are directed to the brightest minds in medicine to help them do the work necessary to find a cure.  That money has funded over 10 million hours of research on breast cancer.

Unlike some foundations, BCRF donates to many individual researchers, nearly 300 across 15 countries and 6 continents. They encourage progress without placing all of their eggs in one basket. The cure for breast cancer will come from many, not from one. These researchers are chosen by a Scientific Advisory Board.

Their work has led to a better understanding of breast cancer as a disease and as many diseases. This requires unique and innovative therapies to combat. They’ve also been a leading figure in the drive to understand how genetics and BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations impact a woman’s risk to get breast cancer. BCRF has helped pioneer research into how lifestyle choices, like weight loss and low-fat diet, can help prevent the onset of cancer in some situations. You can learn more about their research progress here.

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One of the biggest problems people have with charity organizations is the opacity when it comes to what money goes where and how much of their donation is actually going to what they think they are supporting. At BCRF, 91 cents for every dollar given goes towards research and awareness. As with any nonprofit, there are operating costs that use up the remaining 9% of donated funds. BCRF is the only breast cancer charity that has an A+ rating on Charity Navigator, which helps donors make informed donations.

Future Female Leaders is donating 50% of our net proceeds from our ThinkPink line to Breast Cancer Research Foundation, where 91% of funding goes directly to breast cancer research and awareness. Please consider supporting our campaign by purchasing our ThinkPink products here

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member