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What’s the best way to combat fake news? According to the Trump administration, it’s to run your own news show. Some news outlets have reported it’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump that’s running that show.

The Trump administration has launched their own news program. Two episodes it, it’s already got the mainstream media shaking in their boots.

On August 6th, Kayleigh McEnany, a former CNN commentator, hosted the “news of the week” out of Trump Tower in New York City. Set against a Trump/Pence campaign background, McEnany talked about job creaton under Trump, the 16-year-low of the unemployment rate, the introduction of the RAISE Act, and the awarding of the Medal of Honor to a Vietnam War veteran. “That is the real news,” She said as she signs off.

While the facts are there in the reporting, there is also a clear amount of praise for the president, but it isn’t unexpected. Do you expect the people at Trump Tower to not be laudatory of their main man? McEnany’s video had gotten 1.6 million views on Donald Trump’s Facebook as of the writing of this article.

You can watch the August 6th version of “The Real News” here:

Weekly Update 8.6.17

Join Kayleigh McEnany as she provides you the news of the week from Trump Tower in New York! #MAGA #TeamTrumpPaid for by Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

Posted by Donald J. Trump on Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Left and the media that Trump is thwarting with this production immediately called it propaganda and weird. The Washington Post saying, “it is real spin, at best. And it feels a lot like real propaganda — or state TV.” Is this a Trump thing? Is it just a way for him to throw shade at CNN, or does it have precedent?Unfortunately for the left, Obama did a very similar thing. He put out a weekly news briefing program called, “West Wing Week.” It had 388 episodes. Yes, you read that right. You can watch the final installment here, which features Obama’s final trips, a look at his media appearances, and nice footage of him with his family. That installment was just over six minutes long.

The main difference between these two programs, which summarize what the president has been up to, only highlighting the positive and none of the criticism, is the production quality. Trump’s version is what you’d expect. It is set against a background with the host looking directly at the camera. There is a box featured on screen to show supplementary footage. The Obama clips are a bit more casual. They had a man sitting at a White House desk talking to the camera, sometimes disappearing completely while the screen fills with footage of Obama giving a speech.

The mainstream media would love you to believe that this Trump TV Real News segment is blatant propaganda, never before seen in the history of the United States. That’s simply not true. Stephen Colbert called it state-sponsored propaganda” but he apparently has a pretty short memory. I never saw him criticizing “West Wing Week” when Obama was doing it for 388 weeks.

Trump’s not even the first president to do it. He’s been a vocal critic of the mainstream media. It really shouldn’t surprise us that he is trying to control the message, and it is going to work. People are going to watch this, streaming live on his Facebook and linked on his Twitter. His base is loyal, and like Trump, they don’t trust the likes of CNN and the New York Times.

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