Politically right-wing women are often castigated as having “internalized misogyny.” Conservative values have been deemed sexist by many in the cultural and political spheres.

Hillary Clinton said that the reason women voted Republican in the 2016 election was because of “ongoing pressure to vote the way your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should.”  Michelle Obama said women who voted for Donald Trump “voted against their own voice.”

It is easy to brush off ignorant comments like these. However, the narrative that Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama pushed is incredibly pervasive. The conventionally understood definition of an “empowered woman” is one who is on the left.

If the dominant belief is that conservatism is “anti-woman” then young women will grow up thinking they have to be a progressive. Not only will they vote for far-left policies, but they will adopt culturally progressive values.

These are the same values that have contributed to the degradation of Western culture and the declining mental health of American women. It is imperative that conservatives push back on the lies of feminism and leftism.

Leftism does not empower women. Here are 4 reasons why:

  1. Sexual Objectification

Ever since the sexual revolution, feminism has equated freedom with “sexual liberation.” Objectification is now viewed as empowering by many on the cultural left. Candace Owens in The Daily Wire writes “Cardi B is presented by the media as a role model for women and young girls. We’re told she’s an icon of sexual liberation, the paragon of female ‘empowerment.’” Women who objectify themselves for the pleasure of men are considered empowered. The media would never claim that they have internalized sexism, even though music like Cardi B’s is degrading and blatantly sexist. Conservatives understand that people should not be reduced to sex objects. Feminists used to understand this too until the sexual revolution hijacked their movement.

  1. Abortion

Many of the suffragettes were pro-life. Susan B. Anthony wrote that abortion was “child murder.” Elizabeth Cady Stanton considered abortion a form of infanticide. She said, “When you consider that women have been treated as property, it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit.” In fact, the only reason abortion became a “feminist” issue was due to activism by men. Larry Lader and Dr. Bernard Nathanson co-founded the National Alliance to Repeal Abortion Laws (NARAL). Modern feminism and its pro-abortion activism are diametrically opposed to the beliefs of first wave feminists. They understood that abortion is not the key to women’s empowerment. It incentivizes men to be sexually promiscuous and abandon women once they are pregnant. Many women are pressured into having abortions by men who are not willing to take responsibility for their child. Abortion also enables the sex-trafficking industry. Sex traffickers force young women to have abortions so that they can be further exploited. Abortion does not empower women. First wave feminists and pro-lifers understand this.

  1. The 2nd Amendment

Gun rights are women’s rights. The only way for women to neutralize the threat of a male attacker is with a firearm. Men have a biological advantage over women. Feminists should be marching alongside gun rights activist as Second Amendment rallies. In 2020, 25 percent of women identified as gun owners. In 2019, two masked men broke into a Florida home. They grabbed the 11-year-old daughter and attacked her father. His eight-months pregnant wife obtained her AR-15 and shot one of the intruders. Guns empower women. It gives them more control over their personal safety and neutralizes threats. Unfortunately, most of the left-wing feminist movement supports restrictions on law-abiding gun owners. In some cases, they support gun confiscation. This is despite their belief that American women live in a country fraught with toxic and dangerous men.

  1. The Definition of a Woman

The left cannot claim to be the champion of women’s rights when they cannot even define what a woman is. They believe gender is a social construct and that men can be women. This theory is based on faulty research by John Money, a psychologist who was a pedophile apologist. Nonetheless, it is a dominant narrative in left-wing circles. Transgender rights supersede women’s rights. The Equality Act recently passed the House of Representatives. It would broaden the 1964 Civil Rights Act to ban discrimination on the bases of sexual orientation and gender orientation. And it would also expand the areas that those protections apply. It would take away the right of Americans to request someone of the same sex to perform security pat-downs, perform medical examinations, and supervise children on overnight trips, among other activities. The bill would also be detrimental to women’s sports. It would mandate schools and athletic conferences to allow biological males to compete against biological females in athletics. If a man claims to be a woman, then he can compete in girls’ sports despite his biological advantage.

Many women are drawn to liberalism or progressivism because they believe it to be “pro-woman.” The media, Hollywood, and Academia have all pushed the notion that conservatism is antithetical to female empowerment. That is because their definition of empowerment is licentiousness. Conservatives understand that dignity, self-sufficiency, and the ability to defend yourself is ultimately more empowering than the lies of modern feminism.

Erin is a high school senior and a contributor to the Lone Conservative. Her blog is The Rebellion Report.

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